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62 SECT. II. Containingmany trueand falfe Signs of Grace. SER MON XII. HandlingObedienceas a Sign of grace. :Jolla 2.3. Lind hereby we do know that we know him , ifwe keep his Command- ments. Haveat large difcufi'ed the Doftrine and Ufefulneffe of Signs, I shall now propound in fo many diftinf3 Sermons, feveralchoice and feled Signs, by which you may know how it is with you in reference to God. For if the Hea- ' thens did fo much admire that faying as ah Oracle, Nofce teipftem, Knowand be acquainted with thy own felf,when eyet they had neither true eyes, nor light to difcoverthem- felves by, howmuch rather doth this duty lie upon us, whenby Gods grace we may have the feeing eye, and a fore light ofGods Word to guide us therein? And the firf Sign thanbe, An uni- verfalrefpef unto, andobfervation ofGodsCommandments, out of the words read untoyou, whereof the coherence is as followeth, The ApoRlein the verfes be- fore, having comforted the children of God againR their daily fins of infirmity, which cannot beavoided, he returneth again tohis fcope, which is to preffe ho- lineffe oflife ; andcertainly our faith ought tobe as bulk in embracing the pre- cepts for holineffe, as the promifes for comfort. The Argument for fanfhit}y preffed by theApoRle, is from the profitable effeft thereof, itwill be a fure and comfortable fign to confirm us thatwe are in Chrif : for toknow God, to love him, to be in him, todwell in him, to have Communionwith him are 'all One with this ApoRle. So that in the words you have two Propofitions, FirR, That theknowledgeof God makes us to keep Gods Commandments. Secondly, That this obfervationof Gods Commandmentsis a fign by way of aneffeft, to affure us that we knowGod, which is the taufe. In the firil propofition you have the Antecedent and the Confequent. The Antecedent is knowing of God; howfoever according to the Hebrew rule this 13 word