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59. rrue Signs of Graee. S E c T . I I. word Knowing frgnifieth AffeElue effeilut conffquentes : the affections and effeds flowing from it, and fo includeth love of God , and the like ; yet it doth more properly fgnifie faith, according tothat, This is eternal li fZ to knew thee the only true god, and }ef , chrifi Whom thou haftfeet ; for faith havingfeveral aiis,know- ledge, anent, iducíal application, the Scripture doth by a Synrcdacle expreffe the A three-fold whole nature of faith by one aft of it. Nowbecame thire is a three-fcld know - Knowledge. ledge; The firffperfeih, which is only in Heaven; Trelecondimperfuh, but Mc and laving, which the godly only have ; HeraReg( neratien, yer,st, rsesprcfled by this, They Jhallall knowgod, andbe taught of god : A third knowledge which is imperfeet and inlincere, is that common gift of GodsSprit upon temporary be- lievers, whereby though they know.the reel and meaning of divine truths, yet havenot the faving (flea and power of them upon their hearts, in which knife our Saviour makingthat open coofeffion, and celebrating Gods power and lost- raignty,faith, Thethings of Godwirehîddrnfrcmthe ,ire endprudent, Matth,iz. 25,26. That is, the Scribes, Priefts and Pharifees, who though.very intelligent of themeaning of the Scripture, yet havingnot their eyes in a gracious manner en- lightned, thereforehad thole divine things hid from them. A notable thing it is, and worthy all your confiderationt and trembling stir, that the very things you know inRebgion by parts and abilIties, may yet be hid from you , in refpeft of any loving knowledge ; Therefore todeclare what kinde of Knowledge this is, obferve theconfecmeut, it is that which is operative and quickens us unto the Com- mandments of Gird.; for that proper and fpecifical diffrence,whereby laving faith is dflinguilhed from the hypocrites, is in the cleanfing and purifying nature of ir, whereby it Works by love ; fo that love is not the form of true faith, but to be operative and effLive of love. Now according to the three-fold knowledge fpo- . A three-fold ken of; Zanchy death well obferve, there is a three-fold keeping of the Command- keeping the Menu ; for as our knowledge is; fo is our hulinelle. Thefirff is, PerfeEfànd cow. Command- pleat, as Chríft did, and the Saints in heaven doperfeftly love God. The fecond wants. is iaperfiïl, boafncere, thoughthe Scripture cals it perf'elt, becaufe of theafïrncial perfesion, thoui;h itlathnot a gradual. The third is external, With time internal afefliont, but altoyrethrr unjhwod, The Apolile as he meaneth the fecond kinde of knowledge, fo the fecondLonde of obfetvance ofthe Commandments,- and how- foever.the tranflation be in the prefent teefe, We know that We know him, yet in the original it is, We have known him, whereby it's plain, That good works doe not go before Faith or jafiification, but follow it. The fecond Propofition is, that the keeping of Gods Commandments is a fign that we do know him, ?n7onraÿ r'aoaút q , by which he doth not mean a conjclhorai knowledge, as the Paps, would put it cff, but a"fure and certain knowledge. Now although the Apofile fpcaks índefi- nirclyl, when he faith, Keeping the Commandments of god, yet becatife it is in a necelirry matter, the Affection is equivalent toan univerfal. Hence the Doeirine is, Obferv. Thatan univerfl relfea to, andkeeping of Goda Commandments, is afore figee Obedience to and infallibleofour being in theflate ofGrace. Goda flan of us ha zz. hemakes this. to allure us inour prayer, becaufc we keep his Grace. p Commandment, and do.that which is well-pleafingIn his fight. he Dolhiine is to be opened inmany particulars ; Wherein it is Fir(}, There are fume confederationsin which itisimpoflibletokeep the Com- hnpofftble to map409t94f of GO, not.bfolutcly and infe, as it is for aman touie for fo it would keep Ends blal h co fa He commands impoflible things, ro dofo cannotiland with d- P em y y' meats. his Juflice,. Wifdom and holineffe; but only its impoffibleby accident throughour coriytgión, who as; the Saints inheaven have Feli medical, as Ao!goflin called it an happy liege flity.ofobeying God alway, fohave weWife fix neceftat,an unhappy necetiìty of difobediencecontinually. Now this impofúbility,istwowayes. :frtf>g Inreifoli ofevery acregireretemars, who is dead infinne, not tickordit- eafgd3; Out dead in [inne, and.God ¡only doth requite of us under pain of condcui- nation