Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choiceandapreciousfpirit. p®n aJ, EfJ44. aO. Thecurteof the Serpent is uponthem, trpon their bellies . they go, duff theyeat, while they feed upon :heir Swi II and Husks chi fp#nits oftheSan;s findebread in their fathers houle; their comforts are inward : A good man isfiti fled fromhimfelf,Prov. 13.14. he hach a, ipringwith t hip i breff, he neednot (harkabroad : Godli- neg withcontentment is great gain faith the Apofile, r Tim. 6. v, 6. godiinelé with felf-fuficiency, fo the word fig- nifies. When oecolampadliarw lay fïck, his friends askt him , whether the light did not off,nd him a he clapt his handon his brell, and laid, Hic fat lucis, Here is light enough this is fpirïtuall comfort, that whicharifes from a right frame of fpirit. Hence the word in Saint lames chapt. 5. t 3. tranflatedmerry, is the reitudeof themir:de ; noting that all truemirthmull come from the right -frame ofrheminds. As for other mirth, I have laid oflaughter, it is mad and of mirth) Whatdoff thou e As when the humours of the bodyare all in a right temper, there is feet fenfitive delight F 3 in