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THE- EXCELLENCY, 0 F A Graious pint S c . DELIVERED IN A'TREA1TISE Vpon the 14 ofktiyibers,WrI.24. Together jilojet .154; Selfdenia#. 4 By 'ER Bu R kou.G.HEs, Minifier of Gods Word. ei- 6- 4 {-)WIN Of uncierfla?ding L of an excelleni Spirit. LO7tD 0 211,,,.." Printed by g. 7)ayfon foi Franiis Egireifleid, and are to be fold at his Shop at the 14arigold in PullsChtirch-yard. 049.

"0,t, Pb dfr TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE, EDVVARD VISCOUNT A/14:29)8V.ILL8. Right Honrable, _ifr Here is a common 'Zander, 44 that hat, been railed, and vile afperfion that bath been, andllill is call upon the wages of godline`fe; That they difennable mens fpirit.r s (which Salvian complainedof eleven hundr. d yeares aloe, Si quis cx nobilitate converti ad Deum coepe- Sal. 1.4. de rit, i1atitn honorem nobilitatis atnittit : O °uber. Dei, quantus in Chrittiano populo honor Chrifti c1 , ubi Religio ignobilran facit 1) That they make men rigid, melancholy, fowre, uncivil!;`' That they dull their parts; That they take; themoffrom the deltgbts of the things in the A 3 world ;

world; That ifmen t4 e up , the power and f rittnefe of them, theymug refolve never to beep any correfpondence with their friends, who are of rani. and quality in the world ;and therefore , although thofe who have little of the world, andlittle. to doe in the world , may live ff riE lives, yet it is not f®r !itch who are born togreat things, whole Fortunes are rai- fedhigher then other mens, who hive referen- ce.; tomany of quality and place ; it cannot be expected that they fhouldbefo frift: this muß iseed. hinder them in their outward accct,m plifhmems ; if they begin to take fad) a courte, it is impofble they fhouldbee compleat every way, as befeeres [itch as they are : And thrts many are compelled to be evill, left they fhould be e[teemed vile, as Salvian complainer of his. time , .:a1i coguntur efnne vitas habeantur A notable fpeech of his, fully futable to our times, Thefirft obfervance (that I remem- ber) I hadofthis place in Salvian) was from your Lordfhips owne hands , fhewing it to me in him, N an expreffion that your .Lordjhip was mach-ajfeEted with. But thefe men doe not confider how much they (peak again,ft. themfeiver ; were this true , it were a,fnare, a judgement to be raiíëd in outward excellen- cies above others. No; it is not honour, they are not riches, parts, dignities , that hinder (rodlineife , it is the bafeneffë and corruption of mens Spirits, in the enjoyment of thefe,that hinders Gmdlinef fe re ifeth the exc ellencies of them,

Dedtcarory. them, it draweth out. the chiefegood in them, and puts a higher Beauty and. Glory upon them. G 0 D hath railed up your Honour, to convince the .World of the falfne fe9 ma- lice, impiety there is in this evil' report that ,is brew ht up , upon the goodand blelfed ways of godlinefe. cîvlalace it felfe cannot but acknowledge, that Godline(fe in thef/riEtnef'e of it, and na- turall excellencies in tke eminency of them, have a ble.(fed conji nEtion in your Honour ; Godline(fe is as the enameling of Pearles'in thee golden naturall endowments withwhich god loath mercifully andplentifully enriched you: Andwere it bra for thisfervice onely to God and his Lurch , in convincing the world ofthe vilene(fe of this flander : I may,fpeake without fufpttion offlattery, Happy thatever you were born ; and I doe know,thattbofewho knowyour Lordfhip , will j'fif a me in that I /ay. In this God loath honouredyour Lord- fhip exceedin.zly ; were there no other end for whichyoufrill live in fuck a generation ag you doe , but onely this ; yet in this you havegreat caufe togble (re your felfe in God , and in this great honour he loath put upon you, to make youfo publiclyandworthy an.infrtsment ofloù. Who is it that loolss uponyou, and fees your w yes,but mull confelfe, Now ifee thatftriEl- nle and;power of Religion may flandWith a mofl çenenva., fweet, amiable courteous de- meanour ; Ifee it raifeth and enobleth parts.: A . 4 44 ` _

and though it baniIheth bate and fordd plea- fures , which are beneath the Dignity of a elan, much more of true Nobility and Ge- neroufisefre ; yet it knower how to make ufe of the Delights that G O D affords in thts world, and orders and guides them fo , as by it they are enjoyedwith adouble fweetneffe, farre above that Which others finde. And yet further, there are two more blef- fed conyunEiures which adde much honour to you ;the one rs afacile yeeldablene(f"e orSpirit to ¿ny, (though much inferiour) in any thing, wheregood may be done : andyet ofrong, un- an-veable, fcdfaf, r%luteSpirit mainfi that which is evill. It was the high commendati- on that Nazianzengaveof Athanafius, that he was IVlagr)es & Adamas A Load-flone in his fweet,gentle,,draWing nature; and yet anA. ¡ Evco:v A- I thanalf. damant in etc refoluteflout carriage againfl Choi tvho were eviti. The other is this, (which makes all hearth full and lovely indeed) though God bath rai- fedyou high in birth, in abilities,in the efirenz ofmen both goodand ba4 ; yet the Luftre ofthe humility ofyourfpirit, fhines beautifully tho- row atl,minifeft ing itfèlfe in muchgenticnR(fe andmeekneffe; and this is the height ofall trip- excellency. 4man 6f- nderflanding is of an excellent 'Spirit , faith Solomon, Proverbs 17. 27. the word in the Orí inall is. A cool ,.. Spi, ir. In alto pofico non lcum fapere datlicilr cil , & omnifu

Dedicatory. omnino inuGtatum : fed quanto inufitatius, canto gloriofus, faithBernard, Ep. 42. The Lordcarry ooyour truly noble and generous Spirit , that youmay long holdforth thepow- er, beauty and excellency of his grace. Let the height ofall your defignes be, to lift up the Name ofthe great God. 2 Corinth. 5.9. We labour, faith the Apoftle, whether preterit or abfent, to beaccepted of him : The word tranjlated, Labour lofeth the Elegancy of it , it is 90,o71 :f,csraa, we love the honour of it ; it u. filch a labour as we account it our ho- nour andglory : we are ambitious ; to have highdefignesfor god, is a holy and blebedam- bition ; where4r the ambition ofother men is low and bate : Infcelix prorfus ambitio, qux ambi remagna non nav ir, faith Bernard. Ac- countyour felfe 61e(fedwhenyour God is blef- fed. It was the blcfno ofShem, Ger. 9.26. Bkfted be the Lord Godof Shem ; the chiefe of S hems blefngs was, that his LordGod was ble ¡fed. That which Ifee6`e, is to engageyour Lord- fhipforGO D , and to flirre you up to an- fiver fully the efteeme the expectations that men have ofyo; whore eyes areupo4 you as a puklickbleffin, and an ornament to the pro- feffion of the truth. Andyet this I defire your Lord0ip would confider, (46 I know you doe) that Religion is a greater honour and ornament toyou, then you are to it ; it cloth and will more honour you. the

. Dedicatorie.. theneveryou didor can honour it. Your birth made you.. onourable, but.oh,how, honourable have you. been, faceyou havebeen pretiots in Gods,éyes ! Efay 41. 4, Your parts were al_ wades hopefull., bat now apparently.have they beeta"railedfince Grace had, íantti f ed them ? AlthoughGod ta,cs it well at the hands of there whomhe hathraied in the thinà.rot the worldhigher thenothers, when .he,feeth them forward infetting o ct hisArai/e ; yet he would not have them thinke that he is beholding to them, as ifthehonour ofGod depended fo up- on them , as it would faile did they not put t9 their help. No, G'0D can rai/e hip Honour by othermeanes, he canglorifie himfelfe, and get himfclfe a 'Treat Name , by low , meane and contemptible things It is not besaufe G O D bath needofHonour fromyou,but be- caufe he delights to honour you,that he ù plea- fed tooreyou in hisfervice. It is an advance- ment to whatfoevergrearne ffeyou have in the world, to be imployed for God, were it but in the me:tnefl fervice bee bath to doe. Where the Heart is right , -even in that it glorteth more then in all the dignity that earth can put ti %.n it: But yet thegreater Infiruments the Lord , a thegreater er- or; raifeth up for hislcry, f vice he calls them unto, thegreater things may we hope he intends for his. Church. Wien Saint j ohn faw the Elders calling down their Grownes before the Throlìe, fay- ' e;F.h ; Troll art wort! , O Lord , to receive

The Epifile glory, and honour, and power , Apoc. 4. To. felon rafter Saint John heard every creature in Ì Heaven and on Earth, and Sea, laying, fire Honour, Glory, and Power, bee Unto him that fitteth upon the Throne , and unto the Lamb for evermore, Chap, 5. 13. Andfcon after that, hefaw Chrifl with his Crown up- on him, going forth conquering and to con- quer,chap.6 2. whatgreat mercies might we expeE ,didwe fee G O D railing up trulyNoble and Gene roes Spirits , more generally in thegre' t ones oftheearth? did wefee the Elders and Nobles caging down their Crownes before the Throne of the Lamb , willing to deny all their glory, and excellencies , and eftates, for the railng up theglory of yefur Chriff ? Certainly God pathgreat things to doe in this latter Ageofthe world, and hee is a God ith who there is &great abundanceof Spi- rit as ever ; when his time comes, h©wloonwill fucb a thing be, as the railing-1w'ns Spirits to higheranamore noble defignes, then now wee caraimaci '4e? Theobferving the Frame and Work of your molt pretioru noble Spirit (Right Ho= nourable) put me upon the 7 houghts ofthis Argument ; the chiefeft Boòke that I made up of for the inlarging my cilleditatìons in it (next the Scripture) was that which I 1 yfully beheld inyour reife, and your Noble . and mach honoured Liad honoured' and i

The Epif le and loved, and that defervedly, in the efteeme and hearts ofall who know Her and the Truly', John Ep.2.v.I. Stichgracious Principles appeared in your Spirits ,fuco DivineRules by which you were guided, thofe high and noble esnlop ilvAts in wlsichyee delighted , tholehlejJè4 qualificati- ons , which as fo many Diamands in their luftre and beauty, harked that Liÿ:ít , that Freene(re, that Stren .rh, twat 1)ablicksej%, .that H,alir.effe, &c. Thole Comforts of a higher nature then the cowmandr4ie comf ,rts of theworld, that you chofe toyour felves, to fatisfie your Spirits in , and found content- ment in the enjoyment of; that canted we di- lating of my thoughts about thefe things, Ana nowmaking known thenrfelves publickly, they crave patronage from your Lardfhip, who have been the originall from whence they I came. »ndhere Ihumbly prefent them to your Honour, and toyour vertasous and Noble La- dy, as a Gla,fe wherein yourfelves and others mayfee theframe &workings of your ¡pirits ; Idarefay,that all who knowyou,andknow that Ihad the happinelfe to be fo neare unto you, and to have fuck intereft in you will fay, that Ihadmy chiefeft help in this Argument from yourfelves;fo that ifany (hall be at af`eéied in reading of thefe few Notes of mine , 1may fay to him as was raid once, to one whowas 4e- li-ghted in hearing an rlrtiîciall imitation of t,e:

hedieatoryv thetweet Note of the Nightingale ; What if you heard the Nightingale herfelfe? So I; what ifyou faw the workings ofthegracious, tweet Amiablern true Nobtnefe Gene- rorfneme ofInchSpirits thensfelves ? Such a tight I6111 God Ihavefeen,andI fb ail endea- vour tof#irreup others to bileGod with use for it. Andnow that I might hove occajien to make anHonorable and thankefull mentionof your Names; I have pre;umed to make my privat thoughts publickto the world, and to pretext them to your Lord/Np humbly cra- vingpardonfor this boldattempt, andfo reft- ing, lune 30. i 638 Your Honours in all humble and due obfervance, jer, Burroughes.

> 2 e9 THE CHRISTIAN. e4 H E Church on Earth is ever militant, continually aiiaul- ted by the Draÿon and his Revel. I2. Angels; their power and po- liae are oncly improved a- gainft i t. The Scripture tells us of `Principalities, 'Powers, `Rulers ofhark Ephef.6. wife , Jjiirituall Wickedneires in high places Which are the Officers of the God of this World , appointed to doe mifchiefe ; It tells us of the Method, Devices, Wiles, and Depths of Satan, ofErrors, fhongDelufions, damna- bleHertfes , andDodrines ofDevils, which are to deceive. Through Satan and his In-- tlruments many are wounded , many decei- ved in This, as in former Ages. Dc th not the F 'andacion of the Church and Kingdome ofChriít shake ? Is not the houre of tempta- tionupon the World? It is behoovefull for us to lookeunto our Spirits ; if they bee not choyce and gracious, we shall faint in the e- vili day. ThisBoole difcovers what a choyce and gracions

áfzI.3 Heb. I I. 7he Epidt gracious Spirit is, that fo knowing thy felfe thou mayfl receive incouragernent, if right ; or be incited CO lookabout thee, if falle. Art thou indued with fuch a fpirit as here I thoumayft finde ? Nothing in the World, in Hell, or in thy Flefh, (hall be able to con- quer thee ; as Chrift himfelfe, thou (halt in- dure fuch crofles and contradic`tioh of fin- nets, as thefe times are bigge with ; thou (halt defpife the fhame, and bee able to refill toblood , if GU D fl allcall thee to that ho- «nour. What excellencyoffpirit was inSaintPaul, when hee took it ill that they diflwade }d him from goingup to. /eru, alem, where bee was to meet With (harp affi61io11s ; what a:eane you to weep zxdbreakmyHart ? faith4le,for° 1 am readynot to bee bound onely, but alf o to dye at ?erufalemfor theName ofthe L7.7d ye_ Í au Chril. cMofes refufes to bee calle ä the fónne of Pharaohs daughter, though 1imUIfe or fore of his pofterity might happily have come to the Kingdome by it, and chufes af= fliaions rather with the people of God, &c He, would not become anEgyptian, thoughof the Royal' Stem; but abide an Hebrew, who were Abomination to the Egyptians : . Hee knew , that the reproach of the Mem- bers did redound to the Head , and would bee well recompenced by him ; And there- fore hee will Puffer affliaions , and efteeme the reproaches of Chrift above all the Treafntes , of

to the Re :der. of Egypt, a greater patrimony, faith Ambrafe. So bale are many Spirits in this Age , that they had rather cenfure then trace his pra- nice. Scaliger tells olaTree, to which when a mancommeth , Ramos conflringit, but when he departs, Ramospandit. Toomany are like this tree; when any Miniflers or Chrillians, that have the reproach of Chrift upon them, come near them, and have to deale with them; let relations, promífes, ingagements, be what they will, they fhrink up themfelves, &ire troubled, fadded, and perplexed , thinking it difgraceunto them to have to, doe with finch ; but when they are gone, then their hearts di- late ,again , and their faces grow pleafant fuch an adulterous generation there is, that are afhamed of Chrift inany of his poore,reprea- ched, defpifed members; andnor onely afha- med, but like that plant called the Tartarean Lamb , which in fhape and proportion an- fwers the Lamb , but grazeth and eateth up the graf a round about it, fuffering no green ching to be neare : And thefe men are Lambs in fhape, but eating up every green thing that is neare unto them,P/al. t 4.4. They eat up my people a, bread; they are the food their malice feeds upon. It is obferved , the Pope was fo bu(ieand hot againfl Luther , that he neglected to look to all Chrifiendome againfl the Turk, ; fuch a bafe- Exepcit.I 8r Z7,-g.

7he Epi/llc bxfenefl2 was in a Popes breaf l , that he could eafìer have digeíledcAl humati,pine, then Lu- tkeraxOne; andmay wenot thinke chat the . /'coran would be Welcome to thofeConfef fór , who have enjoyned their burdened in confcience to burne their bibles for penance ; this, fume livingknow tobe a truth. There is much bafenefle in the fpirits ofmen , and upon little occaiion it vents it felfe. Doeo had a malicious murderous tpirit in hire , and (pa- red not thofe that ware the Lianen Ephod. The rich "Ilan, Lake 12.19. was- all for earth, and no.hing for heaven. great man finding his fickneffe increatng, cauìed his bed to be made between, or uponhis Coffers, where he had muchgold ; a Lord came to him, and waxed him togo to'his chamber, andnot lie therch:is arifwer was, I amwell Where I am, fo long as I Can tarry for ( am ncare unto my friends, meaning his Coffers and his Gold, What d roilie corporali foules have fuch metI ? The Gadarens droveChriit out of their Countrey ; they e[Ieerned their Swine above a Saviour : Demu embraceth the prefent world, Àn.nias and Snrpphira referveaportion for them felves: inch fpirits ever have been, and will be in the world. Spirits they are as much beneath com- mon rearm), as thofe mentioned in this worke areabove it. It is chwyce, not common fpi- ri ts, that will honour God in fformy times. I-fad not a choyce andexcellent fpirit been in

to the Reader, in Nehemiah, the plots and praaifes of the Neh.6. enemies wouldhave dauntedhim ; but takea viewof his fpirit ; S... ouldfuch a man as I am Verf.i,.i, fee ? Andwho is there, that being as d am, wouldgoe into the Temple toPave his life ? I will not groein. He had a good caufe , a good confcience, a good God , which'edvanceei hi!, Spirit to such refolvedneffe, that he would not take San6tuary, and difparage either of there by his feare or faint-heartednes ; wh -n he, . law the Sabbath prophaned , bee Li i curt h"t eyes frornit, but contended wits the Nobie about it. What Divine Spirits were in the three Children ? Could 11TebuchaJrsnztars ,treat Dan3. 18. nes, mandates, threats of ofthe fiery Fornace, force their fpirits to falfe worfhip ? Bee i known unto thee, O King, that we will not ferve thy gods. Here they did obediently difobey , * knowing that nothing pleafes AsGroaff- ' God , but what hee hath commanded in his yal Bi hop of Linable Word they would not deliberate in this once awfwe- cafe , We are not carefu/l to anfiver thee; fay red the they. Pope. When any enticements come to draw us from the worfhipof God, we fhould f}opour cares, charm the Charmers never fo wifely. Charles the Binperour,, and two great per- foes in this Kingdome, foliciting King Ed- ward the fixth, to allow his filter the Lady (Mary to haveMaffe, would not laen , but bade them be content , for hee would fpend a 2 his

See on. d his life,and all that he had, rather then agree, and grant to that he knew certainly to bee a- p'553. gaina the truth; the fuit being yet preffed, burn out into bitter weeping, , and fobbing, defiring them to defì[LL The motioners feeing his zeale,and conflancy, wept as faa as he,and told one , that hee had more Divinity in his little Finger, then they had in all their Bo- dies. What a choyce Spirit was in that young LordHairrington, who was a manof prayer t áhe prayed twice a day in :fecret ; twice with his fervants in his chamber, and joyned at ap- pointed times with the family in prayer : Hee would never be idle, but alwayes well, if not religioufly imployed ; he meditated on foure or five Sermons every day, retaining five or fix in his memoryalwayes; hee kept anexaél ac- count of his life every day, very confcientious ofhonouringGod to purpofe, in publick and private ; on the Lords day hee would repeat both the Sermons with his fervants before Supper, and write themdowne inhis Night- book beforehe flept , and on the morning of that day, he would as he made him ready, re- peat thofe Serm.ols bee had heard the Lords See Stock in day before. And for the Sacrament, he recei- his Funeral ved it very frequently, and alwayes filed the ermón. Saturday before, fpoiding the whole day in examination er pro and ay , humbling himfelfe, that fo hemight be fitted to fealt withChrift he gave away the tenth part ofhis eltate unto the

to tke Reader. the poore, and pious ufes, betides his occafìo- nail charity whenhe was abroad : Here was a choyce Spirit, beautified with variety of gra- ces, not unfit for great and mean to popound for their pattern. Daniel inBabylon would not defile him= felfe with the portion of the Kings meat, nor with the wine whichhe drank; he had rather eat pulle then defile his confcience. When the writingwas figned, the Lions Den threatned, did he muffle up his Religion, and thriak ups his Spirit ? hee. would not íhut rip his win- dow , nor diminith his prayers , but thrice a day prayed , and gave thankes unto his GOD, as hedid afore time. Here was a fpirit for GOD alud his wayes, and not for the times. Happily fome temporizing politician will charge Daniel ,of Indifcr ion : No, it was the excellency of his Spirit, that in cafeofdan- ger, and that of life, he would not feparate ex- tetnall Profelfion from inward Faith , when God thould lofe by it : And what ? Doll thou charge him with indifcretion , whom the Scripture commends for his wifdome ? It was a proverbial) fpeech, Wifer then Daniel; Er.ekiel 32. 3. and his heart did not accule him for that indifcretion, when he was in the Lions Den: For he faith, Innocency wasfuwild in him ? he wasnot athamed of his godlines; that had raifed him, andhee would maintaine the honourof i t, .01,.*1170.6. 3 Such

Dan.6, a o. TieEpififde Such Spirits have true excellency in them, and are not lhieof the wayes or fervants ofGod, when the floods of iniquity over-flow, and threaten tobeare down all. Fearfulnefie toappeare in Gods caufe, is a part of the old man, and when God puts into his [another]a new S.pirit,that walks thy fear- fultaeíli?; the more thou half of Gods Spirit, the more thy old timorous cowardly fpirit is abated. Match. 9. 16, `l hat is put in to fill up, rakes from the garment ; and whengrace fills up a man, it takes away from the oldman, theold bafeneife, feave and dailardlineííe in the caufeof God, and a holy undaunted resoluti- on is begotterun thee to ju(lifie wifdome, al- though thou damnifie thy felfe. According to the fulneflé of mens fpirits .' are their cari;iages, with more or idle confi- ü -4- Bence in thew undertakings ; If Satan have filled the `heart, men will boldly ferve him, As 5. 3. why bath Satan filled thyheart to ly e canto the holy Ghofi ? Satanhad filled his heart , and therefore he feared not to lie unto God himfelfe. Dieu faithupon-the place, Ios- plere cor alteriau eft audacem eon, reddere, and he cites that place, Hefter 7. 5. 9rris hic et, qui implevit cor fount ad faciendumfc ? 'Who is hee that hath filled his heart ? In our Tranflations , That durfiprefume in his heart to doefo ? Hamann heart was filled withma- lice, and that made himbold toattempt the deflruttion of all the Jewes; Andwhere god-

r-- to tie Reuter. aodlineffe fills the heart, therewill be as ven- turous and bold attempts for God. Paul be- ing filled with the Holy Ghoft, fèt his eyeson Elymau, and fo thundred and lighmed againO Aas r3. , him, thatprefently his proud tnalitious fpirit 16. was blafted When the heart ofa man is filled with di- vineTruths, it is not rile prefenre of' men in highest place can daunt it Eltfha had a double portion of the fpirit or Elijah; and did the greawcffe or wickedntlle of ieho- ! ramdaunt him ? There appeared a Deity in his very fpeech and Spirit , 2 Kings 3. 14. As the Lordof ¡lofts liveth, before whom I Rand . furtly Were it not that I regard the pretence of lehofaphat, the King of Judah, I would lot loo& towartis tbee or fèe thee. I-fee had a fulneflf of Gods Spirit in him , /that could fpcake thíís to one of the Gods on earth. When á mans heart is filled with Divine Influence, he fearer not the enemies 'of good- nes , neither is afharned of ought accompanies godlines , a Tim. I.7, 8. Godhah given u the Spirit of power of love, and of a found Mind ; be not thus therefore aifhamedof the te- ftimony, &c.When the power of God is in a f mans fpirit , het will not bee afhamed of the Croffe,nor refile to (hare in theaffliciions o the Golpel. his the Honourof Religion, to have fuch, Difciplesas wil own.her, &c ffand for her at all a q: times; L

he Epiflle times , and that withan undaunted courage, Ads 4.89,1o,í I,r 2. Peter was filled with the Holy Ghoft, and (aid; Be it k owne unto you all, andall thepeople of Ifr,el, that by the Name of I014 Chrifi ofNazareth, whoa yog crucified, whom God railedfrom the dead,even by him doll, this Man here 'land before you whole : This is the Stone which was fee at nought of you Builders, &c. And after, whenhe and Iohn were commanded filence, what faid they ? Whether to be right in the fi at ofGod, to hearkfn unto you more then Cod , judge yee, Forwe cannot but fpea the things we havePeen andheard ? It is a brand upon Nicodernui, that he came to Chrift by ni ht ; and fo of th chiefe Ru- lers that believed on him, but becaufc of the Pharifees did not confefs him, left they uliould beput out ofthe Synagogues : But it was Ni- codempraife, for that heehad got boldnes to fpcak for Chriif, when vilified, though him- felfe fuffèred much reproach for it : This Chewed fore excellency and growth in his Cpiric, that he could both fpcake and fuller for Chri So kepi; of Arimathea Was timorous, as John 19.38. but being tilled with grace, He went in boldly to Filar, and craved the Body of7e 'us, :. War z 5. 4 3 1W, irn what holy boldreffe did thole men march through re- proaches,af`íliCtions, and periccutions for the truths fake? Rea-

to the Reader. Reader, fwallow thou this Book , as Eze- kiel did his Roll) and thou (halt bee inabled todoeas much. Principle and fill thy Spirit with the pretious Truths contained in this lit- tle Treatife, and thou (halt finde thy droop- ing Spirit to receive a Heavenly warmth to come upon thee , and a holy boldneffe thrufting thee forward for G Op and god- lineife. Wickednes is too bold, and `godlines too (haute-toed ; ix hath loft and Ï Tiered much through mens cowardlines. Reade , meditate, and feaft thy Spirit with what thou herein findeft , and thou mayft walke bold as a Lion through the midit of a crooked and perverfe generation ; thou Ihalc daunt W ickednelfe it felfe , and make Religion truly beautiful) and honou- rable. I f thou fhouldeff fay, This Booke migh t have been kept in , there are too many al- ready; I anfwer thee, there bee many, but few to purpofe. TheSea is full of Water, yet GOD addes daily to it, by Rivers and Showres, Many would reade little, if new bookes were notfet forth daily. Bookes doe quicken up a drowfie Age to the beft pur- pofe. Newbooks are like new fafhions, ta- kenupat firft with affection. Notwithilanding all the Munition of the Kìngdome, there is new made daily. Bookes are more needful) then Armes theone defends the

The .Epfile the body,the other the foule. If thy Spirit be choyce and right , thou wilt acknowledge this Worke, folid, fpirituall, and filch as hi- therto thou haft not met with many like it.. If Treesbe known by their fruit, what o- ther fentence may bepaflèd upon the Compo- fer of it, but that he hath profited in the Schooleof Chrifl above rhoufands ; hath had a large operation of Gods Spirit in his owne Soule., attained to a choyeenes and excellen- cy of Spirit himielfe , and that hehath clear- ly differencedbetween peetious and bale fpi- rits ? Aug.Conf. l.i. I (hall appeale to thy felfe, Chriftian Rea- der, when thouhaft pert;red this booke, whe- ther thou wouldft have had it buried in the dark. if he delerves a Curie that with-holds Corn, Proverbs r i. s6. thou wilt biefs God for this Corn the Author hath lent to market., God made him a Fountain not to be waled up , but to flow for common good. Verit4- tern celare eft awrurnfepelire. In a Fountaine fealed, and treafures hid,the Author knew was' littleprofit. He hath let out hiinfelfe toadvan- tage thee,taken this off from his owne Spirit, to put upon thine. Doe thine endeavour tobetter thy Idle by, it,and if thougetteft anygood, give untoGod' glory ifnone, fiapfeat thy fpirit, and fpare thy cenfures : The Authors Spirit is above them, and counts it a very final/ thing to be judged od

to the Redder. of mansjudgement. My prayers are,that thou mayell ptot t much, attaine true excellency of Spirit, and follow God fully all thy dayes, that fo thy end may bee comfortable and globous. ?'1y Chreiax . W. Greenhill.

AfMAWAA9W.A.AMAA MiMaffinWiaiirtii Courteous Reader, Thefe Bookes following are printed and fold by Franca Fglesfieldat the Marigold inPawls Churchyard. laYfieldsCommentaryon Peter infel. Oates on Jude in fol. OrlandoFuriofo infol. Debitor ana Creditor ly Carpenter im fol. khansTackticks, or theArt of einbartai. ling an Army infol. Wards AninLidver f ns ofWarre infol. John Taylors workes infolio. HeywoodofAngels in fob. Pareus on toe Revelation in fol. Englip Goulfloni Rhetorica in quarto. Gunters Workesinquarto compleat. His ScUor alone, inquarto. The Worts of Sir RichardBaker, vii, Meditat, andDifqui ft, on theLords Pray. er, in quarto. On thefirfl Pfaim, inquarto. on the ? pOnitentiall Pflines, its quarto. on

On the 7 Con f latory Pfalmes,in4°, on theCreed, in t on the7dayesintie week, int2^. The Soliloquy o f theSonle,in it n Apologiefor Laymens writing,inT2° CatoVarkegatus,or Cato'sMorali Di- fiyhs tranfltaedinto Engl:fhver f ,in4° Dr Pr;ftonsgolden Scepter,inquarto HisFiveCourt Sermons, in quarto Cut, works,or the needles excellency, in4°. Dr Sibs Lightfromgraven, in quarto His Lidia's Converfion, or TheRiches-ofeiktercy, in 12.; Dr PlayfersSermons 4llcompleat, in 80. The Hand-maid to Arithmetick, by Ma. Hunt, in oavo. FoftersvfrtofDialing, in quarto. Barrons Aritbmetick,or Napiers Bones, in oIavd. ButlerofBees, in quarto. Seamans Secrets, in quarto. Fletcher§ Comment on thefirfl PPalme, in quarto. His Purple I/land,in quarto. Fits :Gy in tribulation, in t 2. Introduebon to the Sacrament, by Mr Pem- ble,in 12. Burthen &Burtken ofd loaden C'onfcience, in 12.

M icoe -. largeCatechifrne in 8. kholsG'ateckifrne in $. Gurneyon the Sacrement, in 12. Hie' dernonflratian o' Antichrifl, in r Z. 19[i(1°'1of'Hcliodorus in tenboakAs, in 4. Æt'ops Fables in Englifh verfc, withpi- criwes.in 8. Quaile°,: 'his Emblemes, with Hiero,ly phitkes, in8, The ufifulnelli &excellencyofChr4.,in 8 DattrsofConftables by lu,Pice Laver, id 8 Sir EdwardD:erings Speeches in4 Proper Sacrifice in4. Pofl^elii Syntaxis Grxca, ins. Gods Summons to repentance, by A. H irf- net, in 12. JuddApologia, Grælac. in R. Lem iatine,in ra. Mr. Bondsyob in the we ,in 4. Allhis other Sermons in4, Doarineofthu Bible in4. CorrorlsGapel cony rjion ,in 8. Sanderforaì Log ca, in 8. ClaphaT?s Briefe of the Bible, in r 2. Bp Halls ccca fonaLl 'meditations, in r 2 . C lrrks Formu1x Drat mix, in 12. Dixon on the Hebrewes,an 8. ;ihel tons`%w t-haFad writing, in 8. wo1,

Dedicatory. Wollebii Compend.Theologix,iwYz. GerardsMeditations Eng`ifh,1n24. Spire Minutes, or Warwicks Meditations, in 12. TheMap of Engla3id . 1.1 ith the Kins. Dix's Jhor-t-handwriting. Lucians Dialogues in En3lzfh, in 4. H©lidaii Philofophia, in4. Venal, Hiftorias q., Hookers Soulspoffefioka ofChrifl,in t x . Groffrs two Sermons im 8. Ofianders amid of,cno'reverfies,Erg. in R. SmithsMunitionofmans miferies,in I 2. ShwtesCat ch"ifrne,in R. Wit andmirth byJohn Taylor, 8. G,.rden o f Spi? ituall Flowers ,in 12. Bible-battles, in 12. tSllonumeigts of the,Saron Tongue, by Lifle, in4. Burroughes cA!ores Sele-dettll, in8.

IscH 3 00frktk 41 3`P. 44+474,4)1144444.041 A GRACIOUS .SPIRIT, A choice anda precious Numb. 14. 24. Rut noyfervant Caleb, kecaufe hehad anoth,r Ipirit with him, anal hathfolliiwedmefully,. himwill I bring into the land wherein he went ; and&spedfallpojfefire it. \1+ CH AP. T. What that other#irit ts , whichagodly magi hath dffering PAM the world. N thefe words wee bave I Gods approbation ofCa- leb 3 accepting his faith- full fervice in the teftimo- ny he gave of the good Land - encouriging the hearts of his people to go into it : As for theother,,, that were fent , God determins againft'' them, they (hill never fee rhat good 1 I B Land; .....4 771

z lgracions pirlt, Land ; But my fervant Caleb, &c. objeff° Firft , Godscommendation of Caleb. Secondly, his blaingupon him. Forthe 6rí1he fays 3. things of him. é e He is myfervant.' 2. He bathanother[iris. 3. Hebathfollauvedmefrilly He is myfirvant. ]lt is a great honour tobe the fervant oftheblelfed God,and Lobe acknowledged toby God himfclf; We fhouldnot look at our fervices to Godocdly as duties injoyned,but as high priviledgcs , as dignities put upon us; We fhoula glory in his fervic . It was a part of that glorious reward of thole 1 who cameout ofgreat tribulátion*who waffled their robes , and made 'them white in the blood of the Lambe that they fhould be' before the Lard, and 1 1 ferve him night and day. Ap4. 7 t q.,x 5 [MyjervantJ i-le bath (hewed himfelfto be my fervant indeed ; I will for ever owhim; what ever others did,he con timed taithfull with me. To be a fer. Ivast unto theLord,is an honour; butto be cknowledged fatthfaII , that higher: iCor.7.21. I haveobtained mercy to be faithfnll, faith I Saint Paul. To befaithful). in fcrv,ce,is, not

a choice andaprecious/pint. noronely a means of obtaining mercy, but It isa great obtainedmercy. My f yvant Caleb] Caleb is onelymen- tioned here, and fo in the former chap iverf3 r. Why is not Loihum mentioned like- Wife, for fu relyh'-followed the Lord fully, as well as Caleb z Some think that loehua at the fira did conceal hirefel f, although after he diddeclarehitnfelffully; but certainly thishad been a very great fin ofhis, to conceaTehimfelt in filch acaufe of God, tohave flood Neuter, for the laving himself;hç would not havepaflèd with- ou 7 tome fgnificadon of Gods difplea- iureagaintt him for this : But Fell' 3o. God prop ,ifes IoOhua, that hefhil3 enter into the Land together with Caleb . O thers ther_forethink, that at the firft Ca. lebwas themore forward ofthe two in fpeakíng , becaufe he was of the mo:e honourable Tribe, oncof the chide óßf the Tribe of lui/ah; and Iofhua was of Ephraim . And befides,Iofhna being Mo-, fes Cviinif}er toattend onhim, it might be the more fufpeded that he might ípeak togratifieNofes, agaiùff whom the peo- M $ vie .A11 f111. -. pAbulenf s q. 4, 55.

Agrisious fpirit, ple now murmured , beeaufe of the ftrai's thpy were brought into by him. And bifides, others ti kink, that mots Serariws 1.1., here relates this byWheel Than IoJhu s Ioi.c.8.q.6. was uf.d in the penning of this relation, and therefore the leffe is laidconcerning lofhrea. Anotherfpirit : Thefpirits of the reft were baie and cowardly , poore, dead, unworthy fpirits, but he had another fpì( it, went not that way. There is a ftrange conceit force of the Jew.ih !n- nrinua in tet'prerers ha.'e of this other f iris ; that Num.14. is, fay they, Caleb and IoJhrsa , when they t were in th Land and in their journey, . they fáid as the reti of the Spies did,and concealed their purpof a of declaring any ot`- eropini4n theyhad of the Land, thu-:t) theothers had y and this they did for fear of their lives ; but when they c m before Mofes, and the children of braci, t hen they had another fpirit ,and fpake plainly what they thought. Ma- ny fuch chaffy interpretations of Scri- pturewe finde amongst there Godha- i ving given them over to the fpirit of Impcvit fe- blind nef e. [Hefollowedmefully. Thewords are, Hefulfilledtofollowed me:

a choice andpreciot s fpirit. me . Nothing could take himoff horn me, what ever thereforebecomes of the rat, he (hall poffeffe the Land, and his feedwith him. I intend oneiy to d.ndle the twodatercornm cndationsof ca/4. Firft, that he was.a man of anotherfpr- rit. Secondly , t' at hefollowed God fully. And herein, firft, fevcrally;fecondly, in the reference oftheone to theother. for !he firf, the Poirt is, It is theex, cellency ofgodly men tobe men of o- &erfpirits, of choice fpirits, differing from th ° common fpirits of the world. r. Cor. 2. 12. We have not received the fpirit oftheworld, Cayes theApoftle, but the f trft which is ofGod: iliac is a great deal of difdrence between our fpirits and the common fpirits of the world. Thee is a vilefpiritriling in theworld; As Eph, 2. 2, di f iris that works flrongly andactively in the children o f 'di fbedierice. But ofthe goyly it may be ft.id,as it was of Daniel, chap. 6.3. an excellentfpirit wasfoandinhim ; to furely an excellent fpirit is found in there, 1, What

J, A graciera fpirit, Y. What this other fpirit 2 a \Therin the excelleocieofit lies. 3. Apply it. For the fir ft it is, farf}, a fpirit that hath other principles, a better princi- pled fpirit then the fpirit of the world. The fpirits ofworldlym n have bale corrupt principles , by which they judge of things, by which theyare led, according to which they favour and re li(h wharfoever is propounded to theta. The vileneffe and per ofthefe, ap- peares in the wayesof the world ; but the fpiritsofthe godly area ed by di- vine, heavenly , holy principles , that carry them to God, toivir,e and hea- venly things ; they. carry them by a kind of natura!! infiina; the frame, of their fpirits is foprincipled, that by as it Were a natural!. inh.inc , (n3tural4 l mean the newnature) they favour of fpirituall and heavenly things ; their hearts worke after them, doze with them, unite them ifelves ro them, find mm ch fwfetand conterztrn. nt in tikes)) are tanned and fetledunto them. What is the reafon the fame truths p' opoun- ded, fetbefore dive hits, wholena turf

choiceaidaprecios sfpirit. turall parts are equal' ; one fees much {excellenc), in them, receives them,rel- lilhes them ; the other bakes on them as mean and foolifh things, wonders what men fee iticl find in them,theyare unfavoury ro them, their hearts turn a- way from them a Thisis from theirdin vers principles.Wherethe fpirit iswell principled,it is carryedon !weedyand ftroogly in Gods wars ; though the naturall parts be weak, thoughoNeei- onsagainft them many , pretences for ev-illw.3yes faire; yct th f- divineprón- c piesareas apondus,awaiht Ivortheft ipirits, that carrid, s on the ioule ftill Lo. ward % God: whenall is faid thatcan be agairft Gods wages , and for fintull wayes, i +. will, it canirt but hold rill,' conclufion , Surely Gods i waits are good. As that bleffed Martyr ¡air) i carrot di utefor the truth, but Icandie for the truth. T riefe principles cauic if not a difputative knowledge, yet a favoury knovwáedg°. Perfwadeamanby mofl fubtill argu- merts,eloquent orations, that what he i tatsfweet, i5bituer,. per.:.pshecann t anfwer all you íäy.; but yet heknowes B 4 the 7 Sapidairden. tïa

A gracious fp'irit, the thing is fwecr : So thR fpirit princi- pled right with grace having the fa_ your of the know l dge as the Apofle f peaks, t hough many fubtill roils ofSa rinand eloquent per w,ifior:s from the wfdomeof she fleflibebrout htco p_r f wadeto thecontrary, yet flill it flies, It is good to walk in the wayes of4god. linelfe. Every lifehathprinciples according to the nature ofit, receiving to it feife things futable, or turning ft or things difagreeable to it ; the vegetative life according to the nature ofit, fo the fen- f itive, and the rationall life and th life of grace according to it. Molt mens fpiritsare ledby the prirciplcsofa fen- Çitive life, f w lire fo high as rationall principles reach to. There is a death of the foul in this ref eft; onely God puts in by a common work ofhis Spirit forne common notions, whichapp are ín force which give but a glimmering light, and are very weak;but where the life of grace is in any foule, there are principlesofa higher nature,ful ofli ht andbeauty, carrying thefoule to high, fp:rituall, fi pernaturall things, for the attaining

4 choice od preci®!ás °pirit . attaining to , and injoymerjt of the higheff good. O -her creatures under the rationall, are made for the enjoy- ment of nohigher ood, then is with- in the compaile of their own natures ; and t } }erefore ' herprinciples areonl y to receive in fuch good things as are fu- tablero thofc natures. and in them they reff fatisfied for they arecapable of enjoyment of no higher; I fay, they cannot enjoy any higher: indeed they areofufe too, ad were made for that end, that they might be ferviceable to forne higher good then themfelves;but th`s they enjoy not. The deffruäion of their natures,is thehigheft ufe that crea- tures which are above thy° m , have of them. But the rational! creature was made for a higher good then is within the conipaffe of its own nature , and was to enjoy this .; and the fullerit doth enjoy it, the moreperfc1ed it is. Now then, there are required principles of á lite accordingly to carry theme crea- tures higher then their ownenatures, to have the fruition of that good they weremade for, and tobe bleffed in the enjoyment of it. Now there are the principles

TO A gracious !pipit, principles of Grace, with which this o- ther fpisir is irndued, higher above the principles ofreafon, then theprinciples of reafor are above the principh s of fenfe;and thus it isanother fpirit. Secondly, it workes byanother rule: tveffy thing is guided to its end by force rule, which is abeam: of Gods wifelome no creatureunder the reafo- nable, knowseither its endor rule, but is atled by God to that it was made for : but the reafonable creature is of filchanature as is capableofthe know- ledge,ofboth, and thereforecannot be h knowledge fboth, happywrath®utt eli l g o and workingaccordingly. Now it is a great mercy not to miflake in the rule that leads toeternall life,rofee it, 8cas by it ; moft ofrhe wordmiftake here, their fpirits are ledby falle rulers, they goe according to fenie, according to their owne carnali apprehenfion of things, accordng to their owne wi Is, would have the rule of their actions from their own fpirits orelfeaccortdin is thecemmon cotsr f oftbetvorld,as Epb. 2. ',Thar which men bleffethemfelves in, 1, that theygocaccording tothecommon eourfc _.,-.------

dchoice and aprecious°pirit ® It courfe, is one ofthe molt apparent ar., guments that is, that yet theyare ftran- gets from the wayoflife: but thegodly trey make the Word their rule, they look upto he mind ofGod, to fee the i!itoruckus beam of Divine wildorlle let downe in his Book l from heaven, to guide them in their colt: perod, - way ; th°)y look to it for direaion, give bustiber, up themfely,s to it, dare venture their tell h ofthe Pytagore- comforts, efbtes,fafetiçs, fouls upon it: ens, that in- Thom fbelt guide meby thy corers f ll, fayes ter saccats David, and /o bring me tothy or P precept'this ./ y 73° wasaprx 24. Agodly man thinks it a moll a iího-1 cip ii, Per norable thing tomake theexamples of iapubli men his rules; it is for beafts to follow ederen theHerd: Examples of mencannot fa- Argumen- tisfie'hisconfcience. Agodly manworks tum turpu r- if- aff for etern ty, and therefore is carcfull to ba,cmum ayes Sew workby rule; as a man when heworks ne;a in a work that concernes his life, vats a frame that muff be for continuance ; he makes Pure of his rule, layes often 7g4 his rule to his work.WhenGod ere `d the frame of the world, which was to la(l but fora few yeares, hemadeali by waight 3 ndmeafure:The frame ofmans actions here, muff be for eternity; and therfore a godlyman dares venture up- , on

I2 Eadem ratti- one banc vita viam queeri opertcr,qua in alio iter navibtos qua- ritur;ni faali quidcælilu- men ob¡er- vent, incer- tic turfbus vagantur qui[quis refum iter vita temere nititur, nor: terrain debet africere fed calumet ut *tithe's lo- guar, il0í140- ,ntnem debet; !equi, fed Deum. Lattant. 1.6.c.ß. A gracious f irit, on no other rule but that which is di- vine. ; he looks at the Word, not onely at thenotions of it, and that excellency and be uty he fees in ir, fhining a great wayoff; but asalight tohis t(iet,a Lan- terne to his ffeps; holds it clofe to his feet, to guide him in his going; know- ing that every ffep he goes, is either to hell or to heaven; and this doing, he ,may look up with comfort fog- that blefling of God upon his ft- rv:ints, z San. , 9- He keeps- thefeetofhits Saints. His way is like the way ofthe Marri- ner, guidedby theheavens. Thirdly, another fpirit : that is, im- ploycd about o her thins ; it is no for bafe fervices, but let onwork a- bout high and honoúrable employ- ments. As men of place and dignity have, or ought to have, other 'phi s. differing from ordinary fpirits; they cannot endure tobe employed inmean anddíhonourable works; no, thole fit for mean bafefpirits.While other men fpirits are bulledabout low,poor things and are content in theft , minding nothing higher ; they are buried about great affaires ofState, the high things,

a choice and precious fpirit. things ofthe Kingdome, confultations about, and traniadionsof thegreat bu- fineffes oftheCommon-wealth. It was the bafeneffe , and difhonöur of Domi- tians fpirit, who though agreat Empe- rout yet buriedhimfelf,and fprnt great part of a -tis time incatchingof flies ; and foof Artauerxes hisfpirit, whofpenta great dealeof time in making hafts of knives of Box. Thus godly menaccount it toomean'j a thing, for their fpirits to bebulled a- bout low bate employment; while the fpirits of other tren are buffed a- bout meat, drink, cloaths,.piay,money, luft , and are taken up in the fe Poore things,the fpirits of thegodlyare taken up incontemplation of the gloryorthe ¡Ailed God,the beauty andhigh excel- lencyofjefus Chrift, the great Coun-. fels ofGad, in the greateff work that ever he did thework ofmans Redem- ption, the great myfteries of the Gof- pel,theglorious things ofthe Kingdom ofJefus Chrift, the great things ofeter- nity the interef{ they have in all the good in God,Chrifl, Heaven, about the fettingout the gloryofthe bleffed God in the World, lifting up his Name, working

Agracious [pint. working together with God inglorify- ing hitnfelf, obierving Gods wayes in his glorious works of Creation and Provìdence,preparingand fitting them- (elves forthe glorious appearing of the great God ; joyning with thofeblefed creatures; the Angelsand Säints in hea- ven; magnifying, grading, worfhiping, andadosing the Lord ofall; thefe are things fit for the fpirits of the godly; theyare not fineable to the fpirits of the world,asFfai. 9 2.6. A brartifh manknows not, neàther doth a footleunderf#andthis. Agodly man fowerimes may be bu- fed in the mean low things, hut his fpi- rit not contented , not taken up , not fatisfied in thofe things , as adequate objets for him 9 s the fpirits of the world are, they are objects adequate to any principles they have: A man fome- times that is underflanding, may conde- fcend to fport with children in low Ithings, but there takenot up his fpirit as adequateobjects rowhat hehath in him; ifindeed he (hould take content and fa- cisfation in itch things, it would argue a childifh fpirit in him ; So here. Fourshly, this fpirit is carried to other ec.ds ; the fpirit of the world looks at cafe,

a choice and apreciosr`irit. cafe, pleafure, honour, gain, and Selfin As it !s a low fpirít in an ill fenfe , fub- jeétethnot onelyordinary adios , but the belt things it doth , even the duties of Gods worlhip, tobafe, low, u rrik, ore thyends : A t the higheft , themoll ex- cellent of the Heathen , who had the molt brave fpirits the World had in their time aymed no higher then to wÍ rkaccording toreafon, to fatisfie the didates of rational! principles,andana- turall confcience, knewnot what it was to honour God , to aym at God in all theydid : but the fpirit of the godly is a railed fpirit, 1F:boks at God andeternity in all it doth, carries things up to the higheft good refries till itgets through all creatures, anddoles with God , it accounts the excellency of what it is, and what it hash, tobe inorder to God, and dìredswhat it doth to him and in this comes asneere the workingofGod himtèlf, workesas like him, as maybe; it is the glory of God to be the firlf caufe, and lat end; and to worke from himfelfè, and for himfelfe 5 No crea- ture can work from it felfe, but as it bath his principle from God , fo it wor!ees

16 gra`ietes fpirit. workes for him, giving him eg orjyy as the Eft caufe, andLaend ; and this is th4 great worfhip i.hatGod hath from his creature, both in this woi ld, and e- ternally in heaven. We fpeak much.ofhotlouring God,, and serving God, and worlhipping of him ; we doe nothing, except_we doe this;Godmade thec orld tha - hemight have fore creatures ro worke thus, to .make him the higheli and laft rndofall;. many who have exec llent naturall parts,, are often bufied about deeper t hangs then othvr men, but their fpirits being corrupt, not carried to God in that they doe, they dive deep, but all corres tonothing; are like childrendi- ving deep in the water, and bring up nothing but Theis andgravel]. Now where the fpirit is carried to Godas the lati end,there firft,thebeau- ty, excellency, glory of what ever it bathor doth,isjudged according to the reference it bath to God ; It is true, I have thefe m rcies, I doe fuckand inch things; But is God honoured by all r all things arc as dead to this fpirir, where it fees not Gods Name liftedup: and

a choice andapreciocas f ZYZ$. and . fo the excellency and beauty of what others have or doe, if God is not honoured by them, it looks on them as, dead thing s, Sc: Condly,all it hath,is, or cloth, lies in an abfolute fübjeeaion un- der God, to be at his difpofe, all things are abfolutely fubjea to the laft end, Thirdly, wht.re God isaimedat, asthe higghtMend,théi e Gods glory is willed infinitely ; no limite, nobounds fet tO thedefïres, or erá kavours of the fou!; after it, , 1``ifcly9 this fpirit ñath other q _ialiftY °, y cations ; tin: ,Spirits of the godly are glJrioLs wi;hin: As; I. it is an enligh:-. I. fled fpirit ; t Se light- o£ the glory of God, in the face ofMils Chr ;ft, hath fhinedii-ito it, and transformed itiAto the fme image. D rn. 5. I r. They faid he wasa man in whom the fptrit.of the i 60t 4,6,. holy Gods was, beeaufe lighr, andun- cerítandicg, and INiidoine tq;as tound in him; furely,the fpirie ofthe livingGo i is here, for ligh y9 underftanding, wif- dome isfound here;this is thetrue ligiiC; the light of life, that batha quickning power,and influenceof life in iti- There is A great difErenee between the light G of.'

Agracioto rpirit, of thz: Sun fhinirg in agarden, and the light of torches 5 tP.ere is the influf:nce .ci'fan inIivenng p3vtter in the one, riOr in the other 5 fuchdit-rence there rween the light in the fpi"rici ofth w ic- I'f,0men, at the light 1piri's of ttegodly : it is the knowledge of the holy, that tstru. uncT,er itanci ing Pro 9. io.An-1 a man of fuch und rat ding,is of anexcellent fpit it ind( ed,Pro. 17.27. ?This is that ix, Inch he 1,o1., Ghoft cats Spirituall underftanding, Coli 1. 9. to diftingttifh ir from that underftanding , that is in nattyall tner4.5, they fee into Spiritual thing S after Libtiter Fr anner then othamen they fee the rellitY, beauty', excellency, gtory of thern, which are hidden from droffie Vile fpi- rits : the Gofpel is laid tobe aingery, re- vealed to theSaints,Co1.1.26.TheLary and teflimonie) are_tidedand bgitndup arnongli the diirciples,Ef.2.16. TheLord deligt:ts to reveale ,himfelfe to menof excellent fpirirs, who are onely fit to dolewith divine and fpirituall truths.As nonecan teach foas God :cachet:1. ob3o.2fO none knows the things of God fo as the godly doe; they behold them as with

a choiceandaaprecZ®uS f irrt. r 9 with cpcn face,theyw ún in ht ` of' face ¡ ,fGod, pp 89.15,, vhdr 'pi_ ; firs cle'vdrr-dby fuch a light as 5:tabic to that light ere is in God himfelae« and tat Icr'ireo'r`his `ß.i, th t ilïes in th face fJ, i. ift F batti.; f:: ic of thezyr ld:,ns fpir; ofdark ven ¡hat light vv ic °ris in them darkneffe. Secondly, it k a free fpirirJ Pf 5 t.r a. E 4áblr(h me svrth thy free Spiitt, and th,s. + fret_domemakes lc indeed a. r.zc., royal, . ; p:inc'y $..rt. oä° l .h. d v{ that is`tranfllare hat I í ,.`. (. c íd"C'tpï- rit, The words are l:llavl.'.Läl me with ' y èiy royall princely f,ärit. xA freed lirrgaged fpiriranot entang- led , nor irfna-4d with s earthly n3geerts likc the fririt,, ®f the world ; buta that is at I where the_ Spirit ofzhe Lordis;. tinre li- berty, 2 Cor. 3 i. flow d6,e the 'e ,:age- tiients of worldly 1-pi-its 51,, Lr= thrall them that notlxfithflúnzlitGc.nn- vidionsot confciet!c,°;n ct,c%ta. s f$ ie1dib-g much unqu;etrete `b't rliein cearts in theirwa:Y'inanychecks,iecrec wounds, Of Ipirit; finkingdamps, and fë),res, yez , they cannot *get cif. their hearts from \ ; : C 2 chofe (