Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

x A gracious firit, corrupt and unfavory, there is loch a fiirre to convince themof Gods minde, in that which is not agreeable to them fo,much :I doe to prevaiie with th° m to the praaice, though convinced, that it would grieve a mat) to have to deale with Them. Theexcellency ofthe fpirits of Gods people, is fet out to us very fweetly it hat expreffionof the Pfalm ft,1fit 18.; 44.. Asfuone as they hege, they fhall obey meea There is a willin2nefle of fpirit to their work, what God would have, whtrver it be , if they app:chend it ar ove their reach,theycast not off their w< rk but f:'ek to God for f.pp{y ora- biii:yí knowing that there is ípirit e- not'gsb in Go 4, that God bath waies e- no.:gh to enable the fpirits of his fer- a .ts nnto , and carry them on in any work he fets them about; they know tear kd will never put any man, upon any f,'rvices,tîur byone meansorother, heAin fit his4itit for them: for it is the greatdeight of God, to have men in fervice, rat be ofspirits fitted forfervicc, Wh -n the Devill hiinfelf hail any work to doe , he ci oofetj men who have