Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

The Epif le and loved, and that defervedly, in the efteeme and hearts ofall who know Her and the Truly', John Ep.2.v.I. Stichgracious Principles appeared in your Spirits ,fuco DivineRules by which you were guided, thofe high and noble esnlop ilvAts in wlsichyee delighted , tholehlejJè4 qualificati- ons , which as fo many Diamands in their luftre and beauty, harked that Liÿ:ít , that Freene(re, that Stren .rh, twat 1)ablicksej%, .that H,alir.effe, &c. Thole Comforts of a higher nature then the cowmandr4ie comf ,rts of theworld, that you chofe toyour felves, to fatisfie your Spirits in , and found content- ment in the enjoyment of; that canted we di- lating of my thoughts about thefe things, Ana nowmaking known thenrfelves publickly, they crave patronage from your Lardfhip, who have been the originall from whence they I came. »ndhere Ihumbly prefent them to your Honour, and toyour vertasous and Noble La- dy, as a Gla,fe wherein yourfelves and others mayfee theframe &workings of your ¡pirits ; Idarefay,that all who knowyou,andknow that Ihad the happinelfe to be fo neare unto you, and to have fuck intereft in you will fay, that Ihadmy chiefeft help in this Argument from yourfelves;fo that ifany (hall be at af`eéied in reading of thefe few Notes of mine , 1may fay to him as was raid once, to one whowas 4e- li-ghted in hearing an rlrtiîciall imitation of t,e: