Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

16o i . .! gracions 10.^. live in theSpirit , let Ili walk in theSpirit, 1 fayesthe Apoflle,Gz..5.25. ishe tivrks efthefiefh are manifefi ,Ga. 5, i9, Why fhould not the wos ks of the ¡pit it be fo too a God hath btaut ñed your ipirits i withhisown Ìmage, in this he hithho- noured you , that yc-u might honour him , in holding forth the beauty and excellency of his Image; hebathmade you a peculiar people, to thatend that you migi,t thew forth the verrues of him, whohath calledyou out of dark- neffe intohis marvellous light, i Pet. 2. 9. It isa difhonour to a Parent, or any fpecial friend, to hang his iture in tome dayk hole, in tome obscure con- temptible place ; it is expeted wee fhouldmake it contpicuou';, that wee fhould hang it in fomeeminent place,fo as to manifeft that we rejoyce in ir, as an ornament to us. It as agreat evil to obfcure the graces of Gods Spirit , to keep in the work of God uponourfpi- rits,in whichhe hath fet out the glory ofhis Image, to that end,that he might beglorified in us before Men and An- gels. Every man delights in theexpref- fiònofthat , wherein heefteems his ex- ! cellency