Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

20 4.gricious fpir:t, chofe engagements they are fomïfera bly, fo c:,ángerouflyentangled in; this is a wofull bondage. Thofe who are godly can rememberatime, fince their hearts were thus infnared ; but it was theb'efl'ed workoftheLord to fet them at liberty,andnow they haveeafe, now fweet quiet, and reff to their fpirirs. z Free from the bondageoffin, not under thepower andcommand ofit ; it Bath commandover it felf over its own paffions ; not in abafe flavery to Satan, not in fervile fubjeóion to men , not brought undue the power ofany crea- ture. It was anotable free exprefli pn of two bieffed Martyrs, Surgisa and Bacchus, who were twògreat Courti- Nos,rmpe ers, being accufed for Chrillians, and ratur,fola commanded to offer unto the idols, tcrrC11e mint- titltibjob.. they refufed togoeto theTemp'e, and ftriai fume,: gave this antat et- unto the Emperour 5 in anima"; nullamtibi We: Emperour, are bounduntoyou, iU eft;rtta- onely inan earthly warfare ; you have rumPa nines no right over our foules; God only i5 eft foho DC- the Lord ofthem. It will not be forced Coutrem ro any thing that is b:,fc God leaves aulx fpecu the body and ei ates of his fervants ro lum P 47 the power of menoft times, but their fpárits