Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

gracious /pint. leave théir fin :as Simeonänd Levi c:me upon the Sichemites when they were fore,and overcame them fo they can come upon their fin in times of Ali. &ion, andovercome it ; and this they this k tobe rep: nuance , which is amt- flake. Bat tris fpirit can oppofe fin, when it is in the vigour and ftrength, andactivityof it,and o , ercome it then. Lei God put this fpirit into one who is youngand ffrong,whofè bones are full ofmarrow,who 14th theworld to {mile onhim, andmay have opportunities to the full toenjoy bis luft ; yet now he fhall be able to overcome his corrup- tion, and prevaile against the ftrongef luf. Asir isfaid ofMors Pleb. U. 25. When he ryas offull years, he then could denyhimfelf, and refufe the pleafures of the flefh. The word in the Origi- nal!, Whenbewas great, whenhe was grown up to ripeneffe, when he might have enjoyed his pleasure to the furl; yet now hewas able to overcome h'tn- felf, and the world ; and this requires ftrength offpirit indeed. Thirdly, it isftrong to beare ftrong aftlidions, as aftrong bodied mancan indure