Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

36 Agracious rpirlt, 31anaf eh was of a bold prefumptu- ous fpirit, and exceeding lcornfull in timeofhi profperity,, he went onwith a highhandagainft God ., as ifhe meant toconteft withheaven it fr1f: but mark in the 2 Chron. 33. i r. when hee was brought into trouble , what a poore, bafe fpirit hehad: he runs amongft-the thorns, he hideshimfelf in thebulbes, and from thence he is taken andbound in fetters. As it was laidof tilexander, it was nothing for him to carry himfelf bravely, becaufc healwaiesconquered; hut for C far tobehave himfelfwifely, and to uphold his fpirit when he was conquered,and others fainted ; th;s was an high praife unto him. You talk of merry heartsand joyful fpirits, but can you be joyfull in afhifion r will your fpirits hold our in tribulation Can you rejoyce in the greateft troubles e Will your comforts hold out in fore and grievous diftreffes ? this were a figneofftrength of fpirit indeed. The fpirit ofa man can fuitainhis infirmity, faithSolomon. This is the ftrengthofa mans fpirit, to be able to carry it fell bravely, undauntedly in themiddeft of greateft