Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

A gracious hirit, Flue ipim inhis want who +rmight.vifite him in his ilçkne(ie, &c. No, faithhe, this is mercenary; but I will choofe a friend , that I may have one , to thew love unto, to vif c ifhe be tick, to help if he be in want., ; o for men`tochoofe a r_God unto t iemfely es,1hat they may be .helpd ou of troubles , that they may have theireta-es ble ied,t.hat they may get filch and fuck things by , tomake this the high&end is mercenary ,;and too low for a true, gracious, generous fpirit ; but to choo(e a God , to be,myv GA, that I may honour, love, feare, worthip him for ever, this is true Chri- ftiangeneroufnefle. 'z A trig generous fyirit cannot en- dure bafely to fubjet it is I t to a; y; hat is, toHatt rand fawn, and to be f ervice- ab,e to !liens Iuis , and bale humours for advantage fake. Ir knows how to lie under the feet of any to doe them good, wh(re G"d m y have hó /ou.r but ro be fervic' able to any mans lufts whatlotver, it cannot endur` : As we read of pionyfus h s fl ;iterrrs , who Iv( re fógrrfk in their flarreries., that whenhe s id,ipir,they licked up his fpit- tie,