Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and apreciousfpirit. thinkwith it felt; Was there neverany fu&i thingdone befor.e e or was there never any thing that had as much difft cultv as this in it thatwas unlikely as this, tocome toa good iffue, and yet was at lift accomplifhed e whymay not this thenbe done and fo fets about it, without any more obje in s againft it, with this refolution; Q_uicqusdTeri pa. twit, pote; That t. hich ûathbeendone, may bedone r Such a fpirit as this is a- fhamed to fee, and hear , and read what great things have been done by others, andwhat poore things it hath all this while been impluyed in. Suetoniw re- ports of5culiusCe,ar, that feeing Alex- aldersStatue, he fetched a deep high,be- caufe he at that age had ¿one fo little. Yea, fo farre is a true heroical! fpirit frombeing difcouraLed by difficulties, as its railedbydifficulties; thus itsfaid ofa truegodlyman, that heprrs up hil- fellagainfl the hypocrite, that he holds onhis way , and grows firongerandironger; Job 17.8.9. Whenadifficulty, when any oppofition, or danger comes in Gods waes, now it fees anopportunityoffe- redofChewing fo much the more love to