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Go f f ie!-Converfation. IOS in fpeaking of the Love ofGod, which is a great deign of the Gofpel to hold forth, and there'we fpake fomewhat of Love : But here of the Vnityof the Saints, being fo neer united into one thing, the Saints fhould be one ; and certainly it's the moll un- befeeming thing in the world that can be for Saints to be divi- ded in their affeaions,upon fonae little differences in Judgment; Let me argue with you , What ? was the Coat of Chrif} without any Learn, and fhall the Body ofChrift be rent all to pieces ? Fy for fhame, the Gofpel ofChrifl is in your hands which teacheth another leffon. Next to our falvation, the Gofpel intends the onion ofSaints, and there's nothing prefl more flrongly in every leafof it, and it's here in my very Text that makes me to fpeak to this ; for mark the very words that follow in this ofmy Text, Phil. 1.27. Only let your Converfation be as becomes the GoJJiel of Chrift. Now ifyou fhould fay, Wherein fhould we walk fo ? The A- poflle doth answer then, ThatyeRandfait in one Spirit, with one mind, riving togetherfor thefaith ofthe Gofpel. Mark, ftriving together, he would have the Saints to be flrivers : I but flrivers for what ? Not for their own will and humors, and opinions, and fancies, and cufloms, and traditions which are out of date ; but flrivers for thefaith, for thefaith ofthe Gofpel, for the Do- Elrine offaith; and they fhould labor to joyn all their ftrength together (both fiioulders and hearts :) There's a great deal of liriving now, Profeffors of the Gofpel they firive afunder ; but the holy Ghofl would have us flrive together ; and this is as be- comes the Gofpel (faith the text:)TheApoflle here doth inflance in this particular above all others, that to live as becomes the Gofpel, it is toflandfaft,with one Spirit, with one mind, ¡hiving together for the faithof the Gofpel. Oh how unbecoming the Gofpel is thewaies and lives ofmoll Chriflians now ! g. You will fay, From whence are thefe fad diviions and .rifings upofhearts amongfl theTribes, fo that one thinks that he bath the truth, andanother judgeth that he alone is in the right way ? . A. r befeech you therefore, becaufe it's fo fully inflanced in the very words of the Text, that the Apoflie irftan°es in this particular, give me leave to fpeak of it in a few words, certainly his