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GOS P E Converfati.n: Wherein is íhewed, L How the Converfation ofßeleevers mu.ír beabovewhat could be by the Light of Nature. II. Beyond thbfe that lived under the Law. HI And fuitable towhat Truths the Got: pel holds forth. By Burroughs, Preacher ofthe Gofpel at Stepney and triplegate, London. Being theThird Book, Publifhedby William Bridge, john Yates, YYilliam Adderly. Thom Goodwyn, Williara Greenhil, Sydrach Simpfon, Philip Nye, LONDON: Printed by Peter Cole in Leaden-Hall, and are to be Sold at his Shop at the fign of the Printing-Prefs in Corn- hit, near the Royal Exchange. 1653.

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. - . ... ,.. _31n.. _ To theReader. 4.40etefteetk4 He order and method which wepropounded to our (elves, 41 and í1i11 purfue inpublifhingthis bleffedmans Labors com- mitted to us,is the fame witb his Own in Preaching them ; and in his PreachingRile alto we prefent them,that fo both for matter & manner theymight be every way his own.We 4'4'4'54'4' need not let him up any other Pillar or Monument than what himfelf ere&ed by his own worth ; and yet we may as truly fay ofhim, as NaKianKenof .4tbanafins, 0,1.03s 3 Tic :ffyo:s mrwvo; gpoviipteen, He was high inworth, but bumble in heart : Hedyed in the flrength of his Parts and Graces, and did not wear with ruff, but life : (Ampligimum vita fpatium of ad fapientiam vivere)He did the work ofhim that fent him, whileft it was day, becaufe he feared (as he would often fay) a night was coming upon the Kingdom, wherein be could not work ; and fo he lived long in a little time. Itgrieved hir Soul to fee how among Profefìors ofReligion Holinefs of Life, and circumfpe& walking, is not attended to in thisdiffolute and diffolved Age we live in : what Truth therefore ferved molt to revive and renew that Spirit and vigor of Practical Holinefs, whichwas breathing in them before there Times ; there he molt injfted on, and preffed upon the Confciences of Believers : And he that is converfant in his Writings, will readily difcern, that he judged the power ofGodlinefs not to confifc in high-towring-fpeculation (though himfelf was of excellent-railed-parts) but in an holy C onverfation,which is peculiarly the fubieCt ofthis Treatife ; therein following the dire lion of Paul to Titus, exhorting Believers in God, to maintain good works, "Iva piçopril°worr JJJ vinavwótovz , to go before others en good works, or tofet before others good works, as the words imply, Tit. 3.8. Which yet whileft a Chriflian purfues with all alms fervency and intention, he mull withal be acquainted with the Root from whence all his Holinefs muff fpring. Good works are dangerous, if they be made the Foundation in the great point of juftification by Faith; but if they be uled in the fuaperftruftion, then they are veryufeful. We cannot have chil- dren Rom Chrift, except we be frrft married to Chrift No works of Sanftification, beforeUnion with Chrift. Many cry out for Obedience and goodWoiks, yet are profane becaufe they go not to Chrift for thefe Tou will not come to me,thatyou might have life,faith our Saviour : Except we do all fo and fromChrifi, our Lulls will not be mortified, our Duties not accepted, our Confciences not purified ; we fhall not be ftrengthned againft croffes,neither (hail we eo on chearfiilly,nor perfevere : The foolith proud heart ofman is loth to b "e fo much beholding to Jefus Chrift, as to receive Salvation from him altogether, but fomething it will do, and fome- thing Chrift muff do ; yet it leans much, ifnot molt upon it felf, oncly it will take in Chrift to makemore ftrre work. There is a fturdy ftoutnefs and unyicldinanefs of Spirit in,. ten, againf} the Úlefffed Truths of the A í Gofpel

To the Reader. Gofpel made known unto them ; they mutt have 'Peace, Comfort, Af- furance, their awn way, or elfe reje& all ; they would finde a principle of life and powerwithin themfelves, and not go to Chrift for it , theywould bring fomcthing to Chrift, and not fetch all fromChrift ; not know- ing that the way which all true Believers havegone (after touch wearying of themfelves to finde fomething in themfelves) hath been at the laft to rowl themfelves wholly upon the Free-grate ofGod through Jefus Chrift, feeing nothing inthernfelves, yet giving glory to God by beleeving; and if they could bring their hearts fo difpofed and qualified, yet they fee the danger of refting in what they are, have and do. And if want of fuch and fuck conditions and qualifications had ground enough to keep from Chriff, it might have hindred any that ever did cafthemfclves upon the Free -grace of God, becaufe they would ßi1 havebeen at a lots, finding a defet in them. The fe things we judge not unreafonable topremi(e, in the reading of this and all other Treatifes of this nature, that Chriftians may (when they abound inmuch-doing and well-doing) be fill as much afraid ofrefl- ing indogwell, as of committing ill, and becontent to have all flowers withered that refrefh them without. Chrift : Andwhen after Humiliation and cafling down for fin , they begin to ftand upright, as they think,upon the legsof their Prayers, Perfornsances, Inherent Graces and Qualifica- tions, and Righteoufnéfs and Holinefs expre1Ted in their Lives and Con- verfarions, they may yet notwithftanding all this, be brought, not to glory in themfelves, but in Jefus Chrift, and willingly come down from the Throne of their own Conceits, SuCiciences, Abilities, and be at the Foot- (toe! and ThreJbold ofJefus. Chrift ; that feeing they know nothing, are nothing, have nothing,do nothing, they maybe nothing in their own eyes, that Chrift might do all their work in them and for them, thatfo they may whollyt on Chrift, and to Chriff, ftill drawing vertue from hint, ,feeing a need of Chrift, and ofnothing elfe, and finding a ful- nefsand help in him, and innothing elfe. Thisword ofdireaion being given the Reader inhis perufing this Trea- tife about GoJ el- Coñverfation, the publifhiu of which in thefe perilous Times,we conceive exceeding fuitable andofful, wherein fo many are led away after chofe Doéfrines that are not after godlinefs,as the Apoftle fpeaks. This holy manwould oftenmuch bewail that he didnot fee that holy frame and temper of Spirit in the Profefìors of our days, which was in thofe God was pleated to take out of this world to himfelf in the days innrte- diately foregoing thefe Troubles : He would often fay, we feem to have more light aow,brlt we have left our heat andfirf love. We pray the Lord awaken us, that wemay do our firft works before he come againfl us quickly, and remove ¿be Candleflickout ofits place. Amen. Mows Goodwyn. avilliaxn Greenbil, Sydrach Sitnpfon, ?kW?Nye. william Addcrly. jóhn7'ates. rilliarnAdderly.

WAWAAWAW AAAAAAAAAAAW ; .:Er `EM ,;asg EVMrdMrga., THE CONTENTS SERMON I Page HE Word; opened. 2 Do& Thole that profeß the Gofpel, mull have a great care oftheir Converfati- ons 6 I That God may be bonered 7 I Becaufe the Saints are Gods witnefcs 2 2 They holdforth Gods renew- ed Image 9 3 They further Gods deigns Ibid f 4 They mare up the great dif. I honor He path f om the world ibid 2 In refe i of wickdmen IO( 1 Thatyoumay convince them ibid 2 To flop their moutbes I t 3 To eonvert them ibid 4 To condemn them 12 3 In reffreF,i ofthe Saints ibid 1 They rejoyce in it ibid Page 2 They bieß Godfor it ibid 3 They have boldnefi before men ibid 4 They are eflablifhedby it. 13 5 They are edif,ol by it ib, 4 In reliedofyour felves ibid z It evidencetb the truth to your f uls. ibid 2 It èontinueth andenereafetb what is inyou 14 3 It gets honor in the eonfcien- ces of men ibid 4 It is an inflrument ofpub- liek good ibid 5 It furthers ajoyful account at the great day ibid 6 It keeps up the honour of Re- ligion from one generation to another ;Îd Application I To reprove careleßprofe f rs 16 2 To exhort to be careful o fyour Converfations 19 Arg. 1 It is a mercy you have eonverfation among men 20 B PViekgd

T HE CONTENTS. Page 2 Wicled men are able to paffe judgment on your lives , but notonyour principles 21 3 Sometimes you mull difIleafe wicked men ibid 4 Tour lives are but fhort 22 5 The eyes of all are uponycu 23 6 God promifetb falvation to them that order their Conver- fation aright 24 SERMON II. Rule i Have afj'ecial regard to the duties ()hour relation 25 2 Takeheed of the fins you are mofl inclined to 26 3 Take heedofthe temptations ofyour callings 27 4 Take heed of thefins ofthe times 28 5 Take heed of fecret fins. ibid 6 Looknot upon tbofe that are below, but upon thofe that are aboveycu inprof¡fion 29 Be confiant to the end 30 Do&. 2 The Converfation of Profef- feffors muff be futable to the Gofpel of Chriii. I. It mull be higher than the light ofNaturewill raife it 32 Viz. i That we are to knowGod 2, That we mull do as we would be done to ibid Page 3 We muff make confcience of fecret fins ibid What Converfation becomes the Gofpel, that is above the light of Nature i To,worfhipGod as afather 35 2 To love our enemies 36 3 To do to others as Godbathdon to us 37 4 To labor for the mortification of the body offin within us. 39 5 To love the commandementyou obey 4 Secondly, It muß go beyond fisch as lived under the Law SERMON III Confider firft as aCovenant of works of life, as it was at firft made to Adam 42 i Obedience to God meerly as Creator 43 2 Had only promife of natural things ibid 3 He muß work by his own ßrengtb ibid 4 He was in hazard of mifcar- rying in bis eternal eftate íb. i The Saints are in a better condition. t They ferve God as a father 44 2 upon better promifes ibid 3 Ourflrengtb ist not put into our

THE CONTENTS. Page our own hands to keep 54 4 Are delivered from the haz, zard of eternal mifcarrying ibid 2. As theLaw was in themini- ftration of it by Mofes 47 Given under low promifes. ibid I 2 Their Ordinances mean 48 3 Their burden great ibid 4 The adminifiration terrible ibid 5 Their fJirits fervile ibid But under the C3ofpel. I Our Covenant if better 48 2 Our Wotfbip more f iritual 49 3 Ouryoke, more care 50 4 We have =Tel; with boldnes to the throne ofgrace ibid 5 We have glee jlirit of 'Idop. 'ion ibid 3. It mutt be futable to what the Gofpel holds forth 55 z What the Gof7el Herein holds forth j confider 2 Hotu tofateour Con- verfations according. +1 z TheGofpe! holds forth, 1. The infinite love of God to mankind 53 2 love in us becomes this love , ofGod 541 SERMON IV. 2. The willingnefaof God to Page be at peace with man 63 z When we were enemies to Him 64 2 We were under bis power. ibid 3 Hehad noneedofus ibid 4 He begins the wror&ofrecon- ciliation ibid 5 It colds Him very dear ibid 6 He will never be at enmity with us again 65 This cals us to love peace, ib. 3 The infinite mercy of God to rriiferable creatures 69 It (Mould work mercy in us. 7o 4 He is merciful in fucv a way that jujiice is not wronged 74 It fhould warn us fieli, not to turn the grace of God into wanronnefs 75 To bejufl inour Converfation 5 What a high pricehe feu p on the Law. 78 SERMON V 6 Gods infinit hatred offin 80 It should move us to hate ít.82 7 Thegreatprice offouls 85 It fhould teach us, z To fet a highprice upon our fouls 86 2 Not topollute themwith fin 88 The great bcnor Godbathput Sup on human Nature above 4n- gels 89 1 In

THE CONTENTS. Page I. In theperfonal union ofmans I Nature with the God-bead ibid 2 The body is the temple of the bolt' Ghofi 90 3 The Perfonal Vnion ofour Natures withthe fecond Per- fon in Trinity 91 4 The great example of Self- denial 93 SERMON VI. Page the Gdel 123 5 Sutable to the power of the Go. sel ibid 6 Seeing the glory ofthe Gofpel, bave aglory in our Converfa- tions 125 Application 1 To reprove thofe whofe Conver- fations becomes not the Goffrel 126 2 Exhortation to wallworthy ofthe Gofel 129 FiveMotives to it 9 Our Conversations fbould be futable to fPiritual worfbip 96 10 Our f iritual union with God 100 I God is a Father, Beleevers are Children ibid 2 We are one Spirit withGod and Chriff 102 3 The unionofthe Saints one with another 104 4Their tapines in heaven 1 I 0 SFRMON VII. What Converfation becomes the Gofpcl 1 14 1 Denying ungodlinef? ibid 2 Sequefiredfrom this world. 118 3 A change ofeft ate 120 I. Fromwhat there war before the Gofel came ibid 2 Between one man and ano- ther 122 4 Becoming the Ordingeees of 1 404,44,44.4444440.4, JOHN, 18.36. SERMON I. ,T E XT Opened Dol<. 1. aria bath a Kingdom ibid 1 Providential 136 2 Mediatory ibid Do&. 2 Chrifls Kingdom is not of this world 137 Difference between worldly King- dems d.. Chriífs Kingdom ib. I In regard ofpomp and glory ibid 2 In regardofbis fubjecis 138 3 In regard of hisrule 139 4 His Laws are firitual ibid 5 His homage fyiritual 141 6 Thee Officers by Divine inflitu- tian 143 7 His rreapani spiritual 144 8 In regard ofpriviledges 147 139 9 In 4,4Nam

T HE CONTENTS. Page 9 In regard ofpenalties 147 OIM..___.... , SERMON I1. Priviledgey of the Saints All their bufznefs are in the Court if Qhriß 152 2 They are all free men 153 3 They have free trade to heaven ib. 4 Theybave right to all the Ordi- nances of Christ ib. 5 They have his proteion 154 6 They fball have certain vittory over their enemies ib. 7 They are all Kings ib. 8 They have peace and joy in the holy (Atli 155 9 7bey have right to the gifts and graces of all the Saints 156 a They are coheirs with Chrifi 157 Why Chrifts Kingdom is not of this world i Becaufe be would confound the wifdorn of the world 157 2 Becaufe be delights to exercife ß? thegraces ofhis Saints ib. 3 That his power and wifdom may appear the moreglorious 158 Application Life i There is a happineß be- yond the things of this world 159 Their worldv,alled An evil world i6o Page 2 The Devil is called the god of it ibid 3 Thepomp of it is not ofthe Fra tber ibid 4 Itsglory is but dari neß ibid 5. it knows not God 161 6 It lies in wiel ednef ibid 4,4.44440?444444.4 PSALM, 17.14.. .l X7 Opened Do&tine, There are men to whom. God gives fame outward: good for a while, and this-is all they are like to have 2 98 Arguments cf Gods love to Saul &c. 300 Ex,plication I Why God deals outfometbing to wickedmien 304 i They are His Creatures ib 2 Their time of life is Gods patience ibid 3 It is their day 305 4 They do fometbing for God here ibid To thew them what little good is in this world 3o6 6 He bath time encugb to ma- nifefl bit jtsflice upon them hereafter or 7 He fhews what great thins He bath rcferved for His Children ,o8 S G, d z95 5

THE CONTENTS. Page 8 God fetchethglory from hence ibid 4 7oharden their heart 309 2 To chalien his own people ibid 9 Becauf he would have no argument of love or hatred drawn fromoutward things ibid 2 Here is all they are like to have 310 I Becarefe their names arenot in the beokof life ibid 2 T hey are vile in the eyes of ibid 3 Becaufe they chufe it them (elves 311 4 They arefinable to them 313' 5 They abufe the portion they have 314 6 They have no interef? in 7e- l fusChriji ibid 7 They are nofins 31 6 8 The manifetation ofGods patience is ended ibid 9 They mull have imediately to deal with God 317 3 Corrollaries flowing from hence 1. This is the reafon why I worldly men are focunning in things ofthis world 318 2 This is the reafen why fo many great ones regard Re- ligionfo little 319 3 This is the reafon oftheflir that is in the worldto main. Page fain this their Portion 32g What kind ofPortion this is that the menof theworld have I What poor things they are 329 x They are but imaginary ibid 2 Ofa low nature 330 3 But apoorpittance 331 4 It will vanifh 332 5 It will(landwith theha- tredofGod 333 2 The tenure by which thou hold* them 335 Opened in 4. things. ibid 3 There is a great deal ofmix- ture in whatyou have 336 1 Oftrouble ibid 2 Of curfe ibid 4 TPhat Portion thou lofeft by it 337 I It is fit for the Spoufe of Chrii ibid 2 Sutable to an Heir of Heaven ibid 3 It is the height of hap. pinefl 338 4 it is Gods great defign in making Heaven andEarth ibid 5 It requires the infinite power ofGod tofspport a creature in it ibid 6 It remains toeternity ib 5 What is like to be thy end ib i Perplexity offirit when deatb

THE CONTENTS. Page 1 deathcomes 339 2 Iou'lbe called to account for all 340 3 A dreadful Portion at the day ofJudgment ib. 5 Who the man is that hath his Portion in this world i God gives birn nothing but what belongs to this life. 341 2 By the workingofyour hearts about yourportion 342 i Whether your hearts ter minate in wbatyou enjoy ibid 2 Whether they go out in fullflrengtbto them 343 3 How the kJ; of them take thy heart ibid 4 Whether they only befuta. ble to thy heart 344 5 What thou accountefi thy cheefefi good ibid 6 What you firive to make mofifore 348 7 What thou moll admireft men for ibid 8 What thou art careful to lay upfor thy children ib. 9 Examine thy fervices in 3 Particular! I Are theyflight ? 2 Hypocritical ? 347 I 3 Forced ? Io Doefi thou drawback in } Religion ? ibid ii PathGod for theprefnt curfe thyportion ? ibid Page 12 Doth God convince thee ofwhatflops the current of his mercy ibid 13. He .ends hio dales without fear ofbeingput ofwith the things ofthis world 348 6 Exhortation 17o thofe that have evidences ofa better portion 349 1 BlefsGodfor it 349 2 Becontent with it ibid 3 Envy not wicked men ib. 4 Mindhigher andbetter things 350 2 7o all to put onfor another Portion 35' Motive 7'e are capable ofit 352 2 Ye are in afair way ofit ib Means God ir'd with the fear of 353 2 Take off your hearts from outward comforts ibid 3 Set the glory of Heaven and Eternity beforeyour cye, 354 4 Honor. God withyourfub - fancehere ibid 5 Let your f rvices be choice fervices 356 6 Be willing to car away what you have finfuliy got ibid 7 Be willing to joyn with thofe that Mir (or Goal 358 Concitifion ibid: Reader,,

AMA MARAMAAMMAAAMMAAAA E A D E R,Thouhaft here the Namesofthe Books that are lately publiíhed ofMr. JeremiahBurroughs : As aifo the TextsofScripture upon which they areground ed. V I Z. I. An ExpofLion with Pra&ical Obfervations on the 4, 5, 6; 84 7. Chapters of H o S E A. 2. ATreatife ofEAR T H L It M IN D E D N E s: Wherein is fhetred: I.What Earthly-mindedneflis, 2. The great evil thereof, on Phil. 3. part ofthe 19. verf . Alfa to thefame Bookis joyned a Treatifs of Heavenly-mindednefs, andwalking with God, on Gen. 5.24. AndonPhil. 3. 20. 3 The rare J E w E t ofChriftian C o N T E N r MEN T, on Phil. 4.11. Wherein is /hewed : 1. What Contentment is, 2. ft is an holy Art and Myflerie, 3. The Excellenciesof it 4. Theevil oftbe con- traryfin of-Murmuring, and:leAgravations ofit. 4 G o s P E LW o B. s H i p, on Levït. 10.3. Wherein is (hewed : I. The right manner ofthe Worfhip of God in general: 2. And particu- larly, in Hearing the Word, Receiving the Lords Sapper, And Prayer. 5. GoSPELCONVERSATIoN, Oil Philip. I.27. Wherein is 'hewed: I. That the Converfation of Beleevers mull be above what could be by the light of Nature, 2. Beyondtbofe that livedunder the Law, 3. Andlistable towhat Truths the Gof7el holdsforth.To which is added. The Mifery of tholeMen that have their Portion in this Life only ; on Pfal. 17.14. All which arepubliflied by Thomas Goodwin,) WilliamBridge, Sydrach Sirnfon, John Yates, William Greenhil,5 William Adderly. All printed by Peter Cole, at thePrinting-Pre( inCortihil, at the R.oyal Exchange,.In LoNDooN,

I -: ... . -IL mutt . }uy e , ..s`G S t°a s_ rotattntterateat: k +i visrorentrivorriqr SP_ C ?lverfation. PH1LiPPíANSi 1. 17. liftemeam Only letyour Converjation be (ts becometh on March z. 1645'. at S;e:.iee the Ç/o/1bdofChr1. 4144< tffstl P E Apollle (in the z3. verfe of this Chap- , ,, , : .ter) we fnd to be in a ftraight what todo, 44- PT! -y-° whether to be willing to live, or to die ; for s 4S4'41$ his on inclination or defire it was rather to .84, ,,;.,4.4; ; die, becaufe . then he fhould be with Chriff, 44444444+ whichwas bell: ofall s A notable scripture "4 `6a:e 444. to prove the Imrnortallity of the foul..For.if fobe the foul did die with the body, it could not have binbet ter for Paul to have been dead than to live. it were better than C Patti

Gof#el-Canverf. tion. Panl had lived even to the day ofJudgment than to have diedi and fo to be nothing and turned into duff ; but he faith, that when he died, hefhould be with Chrift, which was better for him but that which fwayed him on the otherfide,why he fhould be willing to live, it was this, That he might be ufeful to the Churches, Neverthelef$, it ùbetterforyou that I fhould abide in the flefh. Service to the Churches is the great caufe that makes one who hath made his peace with God, to be willing to live, it is not that he may live in cafe, and enjoy pleafure to the flefh, but that he may live and doe fervice for God, that makes him wil- ling to live. And thenhe tels them, he is confident he fhall con- tinue with them a while for the futherance of their faith, and that by his coming to them their rejoycing fhould be more a- bundant; but in the mean time, whether I do come, or come not,Only let your converfation be as becometh theGofpel of Chrifi. As ifhe fhould fay, I(hall the morewillingly live, my life wil be the more comfortable to me; it will fomthing recompence my abfence from Heaven, my flaying from the joyes of it ; if 'your Converfation be as becometh the Gofpel ofJefus Chrift : IfI may hear from you being abfent, or when I come to you, I may fee that your Converfation be as becometh the Gofpel of Jefus Chrifl. This is the dependancyofthe words. For the openingof the words. Only ] Only letyour converjation. That is as if he fhould fay, be not folicitous about me and my fufferings, and what (hall become ofme, and whether I fhall come to you or not, be not fo carefull about that; only letyour care be takenup about this great bulinefs, Thatyour converfation be as becometh the goffel ofChrifi: for faies he,this fhould be the main thing that I fhould aim at if Mould come to you; this is that I fhould put you upon and give you directions about, That your Converfation be as becometh theGofpel of Jefus Chrift: And if I be abfent there is not any thing I delire more to hear of than this, That you that have received the Gofpel ofChrift frommy hands (as it were) through my Minifiry, that your Converfation be as becometh the Gofpel of Jefus Chrift. Brethren, ifwe had Pod here,prerent with us, or preaching among us; or if he were a- live

> Gefpel-Cenverfction. 3 live and could write an Epiftle to this Congregation, or any o- ther Congregation, the maindrift ofhis preaching or writing would be, to thofe that had heretofore received the Gofpel, That they would make it their great care that their Converfa. tions be as becomes the Gofpel of Chrift. Only letyour Converfation) The word here, is a word taken from the ordering ofa City, or a Commonwealth, wherein e- very one a6ls in their own fphere, and is freviceable eachunto other, to the publick good ; fo faith he, the Church of God, it is as a City, as a Common-wealth wherein every Chriflian is to aft in his own fphere, and every one laboring for the good each ofother in a comely order, that fo there may not only be peace in the Churches, but edification of all, and the Gofpel may thrive and profper, that's the meaning of this word tran- hlated here, Let your Converfation ; As ifhe fhould fay, Do not think it enough that you have forceenlightenings, that you have fore flirrings, force affe6tions are moved by the Miniftry of the Gofpel, reft not there, but look toyour Converfation. It is not enough for Chriflians to have knowiedg, and to be able to fpeak of the Gofpel, and have force ftirrings of affeti- on, but they muff look to their Converfatí.ons, Let your Con- verfation be, As it becometh the Gofpel of Chrift] For theopening of thefe words there are thefe two things confiderable Firft, What is this Goffl of Chrift that here is fpoken of ? And fccondly, What is it to live as becometh the Gofpel of Cheiß ? Letyour Converfation be a-s becometh the Gofpel of Chrift. TheGofpel ofChrift in general is this : It is the good Tydings that God bath revealed concerning Chrift, This hathcome unto your ears, the good Tydings concerning Chrift, for fo the word [Gofpel] the Greek word lignifies nothing elfe but the good f3,?a ,,, Tidings ; the good Tydings that comes from Heaven unto you concerning Jefus Chrift, that is the gofpel of Chrift. More largely it is this,As all mankind were loft in Adam and become the childrenofwrath,put under the fentence of death, God though he left his falling Angles and bath referved them in the chains of eternal' draknefs, yet he bath thought upon the children of men, he bath provided a way of atone- C z ment

_ 4 Gofpel-Converfation. ment to reconcile them to himfelf again. Namly, the fecond PerIon in trinity takes mans nature upon him, and becomes the Head of a fecond Covenant, handing charged with mans fin, and to anfwer for it in a way of fuffering what the Law and devine Jultice required, and for making fatisfacction, and keeping the Law perfedly,, which fatisfa6tion and rightouf- nefs he tenders up unto the Father as a fweet favor of Reff for the fouls of thofe that are given to him and now, this media- tion of Chriff is by the appointment of the Father Preached to the children ofmen, ofwhatNation or rank foever, freely of- fering this unto [inners for attonement for them , requiring them to beleeve in him, and upon beleeving, promifing not on- ly a difcharge of all their former fins, but that they fhall never enter into condemnation, that none of their fins or unworthi- nefs fhall ever hinder the peace ofGod with them, brit that they fhall through him be received into the number ofSons, that they fhall have the Image ofGod again tobe renewed in them,and that they fhal bekeep by the palter ofGod throughfaith grid falvAtien, that the fouls and bodies fhall be railed to the height of glory that fuch creatures are capable of, that they fhall live for ever enjoying the prefence ofGod and Chrift, in the fullnefs ofall good; this is the Gofpell ofChriff, this is the fum of the gofpel that is preached unto finners, when you hear fpeaking of the gofpel your thoughts may be about this, this gladTydings that is come into the world for falvation ofCinfull creatures through Jefus Chriff and all the good things that Jefus Chriff by his blood hath purchafed for finners. WhenMinifters are caid theMinifters of the Gofpel, the mea- ning is, they are appointed by God, Knitters to declare and to preach thefe glad Tydings to the world : Oh it is glad Tydings itideed to the world; could there be fuch glad tidings preached at Hell gates, that there were any fuch way ofreconciliation of them to God, we could not but conceive there would be joy there they would account it acceptablenews !indeed. Now then, Thofe that do beleeve this gofpel, or do profefs it, that they have entertained this gofpel, this glad Tydings, they mull be careful( to walk in their Converfation fo as it be- comes this Gofpel,as becomes Such glorious glad Tydings as are Sent onto them frQua Heaven. Sil _ _ _

OvffiGC-c6/7Y'YeTJarSOit.: S "Is becomes]`The word fignifies,worthyofthe Gofpel,that which is 4,;;, tranfla ted inyour books Becomes,it fgnifies worthy ofthe Gofpel. But this cannot be meant as if fo be that our Coverfation Mould be fuch as deferves all the good that there is in the gof- pel, No but worthy, that is, as muchas Befeeming the gofpel, or meetfor the Gofpel,, or as it is tranflated in your books, Becoming the Gofpel; ashe that eates anddrinks unworthily, eates anddrink! his own damnation:; can one eat and drink fo as tobe worthy of the Body and Blood ofChri fl ? No, but he that eats and drinks unworthily, carries himfelf fo in that Ordinance of the Sacra- ment as is unbefeeming theBody and Blood of Chrift that he comes to receive : and on the other fide, thofe that doe eat and drink fo, as to fanifie Gods name in that Ordinance ( as you have heard) they do it worthyly ; for the fame word is here, Worthy ofthe Gofpel ofChrif. Indfo bring forth fruit worthy of repentance, faith Mfrs to thofe that came to him, that is meet, fit for repentance, fuch fruit as may manifefl your repentance, as is futable unto fuch men or women that doprofefs their reepen- tancefor their fins. Further, Ifind that the word that is here tranflatedBecoming, in another place is tranflated Convenient & meet, and cannot be underflood in another fence ; as in i'Cor.i 6. 4. If it be meet that I(hall o alfe, the word that is tranflate there, [meet ] it is in the Greek[worthy.] the fame word that we have a ror. here tranflated Becoming, ifit be a comfy thing or a meet or con- venient thing, then Ile go fo then it's deer that this word that we have here is, meet, convenient, futable, or, becoming the Gofpel, Letyour Converfationbefilch, as is meetfor, or becoming the Gofpel. Youwill fay, what Converfation is that Which, is meetfor,or be coming the Gofpel ? To that I anfwer, Firíl, a Converfation raifed to a higher de- gree than the light ofNature, or than the. Law can raife one to, it muff be that certainly, it is not a Converfation becoming the Gofpel, except it be a Converfatioñ raifed?higher than this life of Nature, or than the Law can raife one to, it becomes riot the gofpel elfe. Secondly, A Converfation futable and anfwerable to thofe many bleffed and glorious truths that are .revaled in the gof-

G el-Converfation. pel, there is much of the mindof God revealed in theGofpel, glorious truths are there prefented to us that is a Converfati. on becoming the Gofpel that is futable and anfwerable unto thefe bleffed and glorious truths that are revealed in the Gof- pel. Thirdly, A Converfation manifefting the power of the Gofpel. Fourthly, AConverfation that is futable unto all the Ordi- nances of the Gofpel, agreeable unto whatfoever there is in a- ny Ordinance of the Gofpel. And then fiftly, A Converfation holding forth the beauty, excellency, and glory of the Gofpel before thole with whom we do con'erfe, here's a Converfation becoming the Gofpel ; when thofe that are Chriftians profeffing that the Lord bath revealed the Gofpel unto them, and that in fame meafure they have beenbrought to beleeve in the Gofpel, when as now their Couverfati n is beyond that which any man can attain unto by 'the light of Nature, when it is beyond that that any man by the Law can be railed unto, when it's anfwerable to the many blefFed and glorious truths that are revealed in the Go- fpel, when it manifefis a power of the Gofpel in him, when it's anfwerable unto the bleffed Ordinances that he doth enjoy in the Gofpel, and when his Life and Converfation holds forth the beauty, excellency, and glory of the Gofpel before the world, here is a Converfation becoming the Gofpel ; and this is that which the Apoftle here exhorts unto,, Only let Jot Converfation befuch,as becomes the Gofpel ofChrij1.Thus you have had the words opened. Now for the Do&rinal Points in the words, only thefe two, he fiat is but to make way to the fecond. z Docl. The firft is this, That.thofe that profefs the Gofpel, muff have a great care oftheir Convertations. 2. Secondly, This Converfation of theirs muß be ftsch, as be- comes, as befeems the Gofpel. Thefe are the two main Points in the Text. I íhall this morning but make way to the fecond Point which is the great Point in the Text. Firfl, That Chriftians that doprofefs theGoffel,mufl have agreat care of their Converfations, to look,to them. They mull not fatisfie themfelvcs

Go#el-Converfation.` themfelves with what is inward in their minds, or in their af- feEtions, but look to their Converfations; You think, or hope at leaf', that through the gofpel there hath been converfion wrought in you : after the Lord bath wrought converfion he doth expect that you be carefull of your Converfations before men : you have knowledg, you can fpeak well, you have fome ftirrings ofheart that you have felt in hearing of the Word, preaching ofthe Gofpel, but now look to your Con- verfations, and know, there is a bond laid upon you more than ever was, to look CO your Converfations : in ?awes, 3. fee the exhortation ofthe Apoftle there, at the i 3, verte, Who is a wife man, and endued With knowledg amongyou ; mark, let him "kW out ofa good Converfation his works with meeknefs ofWifdom. It is a ve- ry fweet and excellent Scripture, Who is a wife man and endued with knowledg among you : What fhould he do ? Let him thew out of a good Coverfation his works with meeknefsof wifdom : here is Wife, and knowledg, and wifdom again. Ifyou would manifefi that God hath wrought any true faving know- ledge, any wifdom inyou to fave your fouls, why know that God requires that you fhould (how your good Converfation and that with meeknefs &wifdom,your Converfations,youmuff have a care of them, both in refpect ofmen, and in refpect of God In refpeci of men, t Pet. 2. t 2. Havingyour Converfation ho nett among the Gentiles : And ( the latter part we (hall fpeak to by andby) fo that Chriftians they mutt look to their Conver- fations in refpect of men. And then in refped of God: In t Pet. 1.15. But as he who bath calledyou is Holy ,fobeye holy in all manner ofConverfation ; There you have Honeff converlation ; and in rills Scripture holy isall mauer of Converfation : fo that you are have regard to your Converfations, both in refpe't ofmen, and in refpecrt of God and upon thefe grounds. Frift, In general!. Firft in regard of God more generally, that God may be honored by your Converfations : Oh ! you that have ever heard from God the glorious glad tydings of Salvation in the Gofpel, Is it not in your hearts to do what you can to ho- nor

worrommIllIM Coffiel-C onverfation. nor him ? now let your Converfation be Inch ; have a care of your Converfation that God may be honored ; the Name of God will be blafphemed, except you have a care ofyour Con- verfations, in Alarth. 5. 16. Letyour lightfo _Thine before men, that they mayfeeyotar ood zvórhs, andglorifieyourFather Which is inTea- ven. As ifChrift fhould fay, What, hath God brought the light of the Gofpe! to you ? bath it fhined in your hearts ? and hath He revealed unto you thole glorious Mifteryes of Salvation in Him ? O than, let this light break forth and fhïne in your Con- verfation before men, that others feeing your good workes may glorifie your Father which is in Heaven. Some men and women are ready to fay, what do they care what others obferve in them fo that God knows their hearts ? I but that is not enough, if it could be fo that you could have good hearts unto God without good Converfations; but we fhall fee that there cannot be any fuch thing, and it is required of you ; your works fhould Thine forth before men, that they may fee your goodworks and glo- rifie your father which is in Heaven. 'Tis one thing to do a good work, that may be feen, and another thing to do a good work that it may be feen ; to do a good work that may be feen that is Lawful, though we fhould not do them principally aim- ing that they may be Peen, but our works fhould be fuch, that of their own natnre theymay be feen, but not to make that to be our main end, that they may be Peen ; fo, as aiming not fo much that they may be feen, but that being Peen, men may glorifie our Father which is in heaven, that God may be ho- noured. NowGod is honoured by the Converfations of His Saints many waies, and therefore they fhould be very carefull oftheir Converfations. As in the firft place, the people ofGod, Saints, Beleevers, they are the great Witneffes that God bath in the world, to witnefs for him againft the corruptions of the world ; If fo be that you are not carefull ofyour Converfations, God will lofe witneffes to His Truth : Now a witnefs is not a thing that is kept within, a man cannot be a witnefs by keeping things with- in his own thoughts andheart, hemuff manifeft fomething to witnefs. The Lord makes ufe of the lives of his Saints to be His Witneffes in the world, to fland and witnefs for His Truth; whereas

Goffie!-Converfation. whereas others they will think when the Gofpel is preached that it is but a meer notion, or imagination, and that there is no reallity inwhat is preached : No faith God, look here upon the Converfation of there that have beleeved the Gofpel, do you not fee they witneffe, that there is a reallity in thofe things of the Gofpel ? look what a change my Gofpel bath madeup- on them in their lives and converfations, thofe that were before proud, how humble they are ; that were before froward, how meek they are, and the like ; there are my witneffes. Many Scriptures might be given, efpecially that in Reel. 11.3. where the Saints in general are called witneffes : And that's the firth thing. You are to look t+o your Converfation, that you may be Gods witneffes. Secondly : That you may hold forth the Image ofGod in theworld ; that Image that God made man in at fiat, by the fin of man was loft ; but now through the Gofpel it comes to be re- newed, and God delights to have His Image held forth in the world, that men may behold fomewhat of the glory ofHis I- mage : But how can theworld fee the Image ofGod? They can- not fee it in your hearts, but nowGod would have it confpicu- ous, therefore have you a care of your Converfations, that in yourConverfations you may hold forth the Image of God in the world. It's much to the glory ofGod to have His Image held forth in the world. As men that would honor their pa- tents, and other dear friends, ifthey have a curious Pitture of them, when their image is drawn, theywill not fee it abufed and fullyed, but they will keep it fair; a man that bath the image of his father or dear friend, will not hang it in a fmokeyhole behind a chimney, or door, but in fome confpicuous place; fo we íhould hold forth the Image of God confpicuoufly, it fhould appear in our lives and Converfations. Thirdly, By your Converfations God may be honored for you will further the great defigns that God bath in the world : the holy and gracious lives of the Saints ferve to further the great defigns that God bath in the world to do. And Lilly, They may ferve to make up the great difhonor that Godhath from others; the Lord hath abundance of dif- honor from molt in the world ; but now there are force that D God

IC) Goffief-Converfation. God cats out of the world, and He gives his Grace unto them to the end that He might have fome ofthe great difhonor that He path in the world from others made up ; now fuch as are care- full of their Converfations, as walk exactly and clofely with God (I fay) they are made ufe ofby God for the making up in force part of the great difhonor that God bath in the world. What honor fhould God have in the world were it not for the holy and gracious Converfations of forne of His Saints ? and therefore you who profefs the Gofpel, look to your Converfa- ons that God may be honored byyou. Secondly, Have a care of your Converfations, look to them in refpea of wicked men among whomyou live. As fiat, That you may convince evil and ungodlymen a- mong whom you live in the world. i Pet. 2.12. Havingyour Converfation honefi among theGentils that whereas theyf)eakagainf+ you as evil doers,they may by your good works which they fhall behold, glorifie God in the day of vifitation. This likewife doth confirm . what was faid before, for the glory ofGod, and theconvidion ofwicked men ; That they beholding,may glorifie God in the day ofvifitation. There are many interpretations upon this place, In the day ofvifitation,the day wherein God/hall vifit them, Though now they rail againfi you, yet when God (hall via them, either inHis firoke upon them by ficknefs, then they will acknowledg you to be righteous, and holy men, and with that their condi- tions were like yours ; or in the day ofvifitation, if God fhall vifit their fpirits to turn them, or in the day ofvfitatió (as force think) in the day ofJefus Chrifi : But I findothers looking nar- rowly into the words,In the day ofOverfeeing,the word E7riortonts from whence the wordBifhop comes , it is an Over-feer, now this word vifitation, lignifies nothing elfe but an Overfeeing ; as if God fhould fay thus, walk ye honefily, and holily, before the world,perhaps theywill vail your glory, & one will fay this, & the other that, but goye on in a confiant way and courfe, there will be a time that all things Mall be over-feen, all things fhall be examined, and narrowly fearched into, and when that day comes, the wicked men fhall be convinced, and íhal be forced to give glory to God, and fhal fay, that whatfoever afperfions there were call uponyou, yet certainly you were the fervants of the living

Gof iel-Converfation. I livingGod, in the dayof infpeaation, ofoverfeeing; therefore be ye careful ofyour Converfations in refpe 1ofwicked men, to convince them. Secondly, In refpeel ofwicked men, to flop their mouthes, their malice, violence,and rage, i Pet. 2. a 5. Forfo is the Will of God, that With Well doingyemay put toPence the ignorance offoolïfb men. The word there tran[latedPut toHence, it is to put (as it c'1' ooL- were) a bridle into their mouthes, or to flop their mouthes, you may even flop their mouthes by your holyConverfation ; Oh Chriflians look toyour Converfations, that by them you may flop the mouthes ofwicked and ungodly men, that they may not be able to fay any thing againfl your holy Converfations fo in i Pet. 3. r 6.Having a good cexfcience,that where .0 they !pea:: evilofyou as of evildoers, they may be afhamedthatfalflyaccssfèyogr roodConverfation in Chrifo. Thirdly, Yea, you mayby your good Converfation be a means to convert other men, to bring wicked men into the love of the waies of God : i Pet. 3. 1 2. the exhortation there is directed to wives that had wicked husbands. Like,Wifeyewives be infubjeflion toyour own husbands, that if they obey not- the word, they alfo may without the Word be won by the Converfation of the wives, While they beholdyour chafo Converfation coupled Withfare. Mark,how theApofile urges upon wives to look to theirConver- fations to the end that they may be a means to gain their hus- bands. I am verily perfwaded that there are many gracious wo. men that would give ("if they had it) a thoufand worlds to gain their husbands to thofe waies of godlinefs that they have found fo much fweetnefs in,but perhaps they cannot get them to come and hear the Word, and if they do, their hearts rife againft it, or it may be they little regard it ; butyou by your Conver- fationsmay do that which the word will not do, you may be converters ofthem; and in this fenfe indeed ; there may be wo- men preachers, that is, preaching in their lives and Converfa- tions, and that's all the preaching that the holy Ghof} allows women, let them preach that way, in their lives and Converfa- tions in their families, and preach every day a Sermon, and neither God nor man will find fault withany fuch thing, and this is the way for them todo great fervice for God ; and fo D z likewife

Do' t 2, -----._. likewife (hould husbands do to convert their wives, you corn- plain one ofanother, but do you labor to convince and con- vert one another by your holy Converfations ? I amconfident that there are many that are able to fay by experience, this ; That the Lord ftruck upon my heart and confcience by feeing ther holy Converfation ofmy wife, fence the went to hear the Word, by feeing the wifdom, humiltty, obedience and carri- age ofmy wife, it flruck upon my heart. There is many have given glory to God and acknowlidged this, bothwives by their husbands, and husbands by their wives ; and fomtimes the pa- rent in Being it in the child, or the child in the parent , or brother in brother or one fervant in another, it hath been a means to turn them unto God. In the lafl place, If they be not turned to God, then your converfation Thal ferve to condemn them, to aggravate their lin, and their condemnation in the day ofJefus Chriff. As it is laid of Noah,in Heb r i .7.that Noah preparedan ark, by the rthich hecondemned the world. He condemned the world by that courfe ofhis, in beleeving in God, and in making the Ark, every nail that he fmote into the Ark, was (as it were) a condemnation of the world : and fo the Saints by walking in theit holy conver- fation, flu' be the judges and Condemners of the world. Ther- fore you are to be careful ofyour Converfations, in refpea o f wicked men. Alf(), In refpea of the Saints, we mull be very careful ofour Converfations. r. For by your Converfation you will rejoyce the hearts of the Saints. Oh thofe that are godly, when they fee others that profefs godlines to walk in a flria and holy converfation, how doth it rejoyce their hearts ? it is the comfort of their lives. 2. Belides, they bleffe God for it ; they not only rejoyce in it, but biefs God for it ; when they get alone infecret they are ble(ling God for the gracious, and holy, and convincing Con- verfations of filch and fuch kind of ofmen that they convene with. 3. And by that means the Saints they have a boldnefs before men, they can lift up their heads wherefoever they go, when they know that all full who make profetlion of Religion in the

Gofqi el-converfation, the places where the- live, theywalk unblamably : upon that godly men can bold up their heads with boldnefs, whereas o- therwife it makes fuch as are profeffors of Religion afhamed, when they fee and hear of fuch and filch that make profeflîon of Religion to walk fcandaloufly, and loofly : but of them we !hall fpeak prefently. 4. Then further, Your holy Converfation it will efbablifh the hearts ofthe Saints, it will fettle young beginners; there are many that are giving up their names to Chrifì, when they fee the holy and gracious Converfations of there that are Ancient profeffors Oh how are they ftablifhed in the waies of god- linef e. 5. And it wil edifie the Saints, they wil edifie and grow up in holinefs, theywill imitate you, and will find the graces of God not onlyftrengtliened, but increafed in them by your Converfa- tions, Oh the abundance of good thatyou may do ; and ther- foreChriflians have a care ofyour Converfations. 6. Then, You in refpe. ofyourfelves by this means your wil have an evidence to your fouls of the truth ofgrace in your hearts, which you cannot have if your Converfations benot right. In ohn, i. 6. mark what the Apof}le fpeaks there, if ryefay that we havefelloi^fhip withhim and rralf¿in darknefs, lye anddo not know the troth. And again, you have a notable Scrip- ture in the 3. chap. 7. verf. Little children,let no man deceiveyou ; He that loth righteoufnefr, is righteous, even as He is righteous. As if he fhould fay, there are a company of deceivers in the world, and they think it enough to talkof righteoufnefs, they fay they beleeve in Jefus Chrift, and it's Faith that is only required of them ; and as for the other,that's but a meer legal thing,for men to make confcienceof duties, and of their lives, this is but legal, but let them truft in Jelüs Chrift,Chriffi bath done all, what can we be faxed by our lives? bath not Chrift done all ? Is there not righteoufnefs in Him ? Let no man deceiveyam (faith the Apoftle) If there be not a doing righteoufnefs, there is no righteoufnefs in you, He that doth righteoutfnefs is righteor- ; You have nothing todo with the righteoufnefs of Chrift as your own applied yet unto you, except you do righteoufnefs ; therefore have a care of your Converfations, that you may have evidence to your fouls. of the truth that there is in, your hearts. Secondly. 1;a

w 14 Goffel--Converfation. Secondly, Have a care of your Converfations that you may continue and encreafe that which is within you ; certainlie thofe that make profeffion of Religion and have not a care of their converfations, they wil never continue in their profeffion, mark that, they may be as Comets a while, blafing-flars, but they will vanifh,&within a littlewhile you fhall find that their profeffion will wear away ; where there is not a godly life to- gether with profeffion, profeffion will vanifh and come to no- thing, their very common graces will be taken away from them ifthey have not a careof their lives, but if they have a care of their lives they wil continue in the waies of godlinefs and grow up and encreafe more and more. Thirdly, Have a care ofyour Converfations, that you may get honor in the very confciences ofmen. Qucfi. Some will íáy. Should we havea care ofour Converfati. ens that we mayget honor ? Anf Yes truly, a manmay delire to have the teflimony of the confciences of thofe that he lives withal, it's no matter for their taking this or that, but that you may get into their con- fciences, God gives you liberty for that. Fourthly, You by this means will be Inflruments ofa great deal ofpublickgood, ifyou live according to your profeflion, otherwife no body will regard you, you are reffufe, no man will imploy you, you will be contemn'd and flighted, but when they fee mens Converfations according to their profeffion, eve- rie bodie loves to make ufe ofthefe men, they know they íhall find them faithful inwhatfoever they are imployed,and fo they come to be Inflruments ofmuch publick good. Fifthly, You will further a joyful account againfl the great day; for yort mull be call'd to account, not only for your thoughts, and the inward workings of your hearts, but for whatever you have done in the flefh, we mull appear before the Judgment Seat of Chrifl to anfwer whatfoever is done in the fiefh : Oh be careful ofyour Converfations that fo you may be able to give a comfortable accompt. Sixthly and lafily, Be careful of your Converfations in re- fpeft ofyour profeffion : This fhould be the care of thofe that make profeffion, that we may keep up the fucceflion of the ho- nor

Gof jel-CoxverfRtion. IS nor of Relilgion from one generation to another : Heretofore there were fome godly people that liv'd, and they kept up (in their generation) thehonor of the profeffion of Religion. Wel now, we areupon the ftage of the world ; and God looksupon us that we fhould in our generations keep up the fucceflion of the honor of the profeffìonofReligion : and fo afterward in another generation, as men come upon the fiage of the world and live here : God expeas fucceeding ages Ihould keep up the honor of the profeffion of Religion in their times. And this one confederation might go to the very heart ofungodly men (if they would mind it) that it may be thou art the manor woman among others that keeps up in a continual fucceffïon enmity againft God in the world ; do but confider ofthe diffe- rence between there two, one mans Converfation is wicked, and anothers is holy and gracious, thou that liveff wickedly this e- vil is charged upon thee, that thou art the man that joynefi in this work to keep up a continued fucceffìon of enmity againfL.. God in the world, ever lince Cains time there was an enmity a- gainff God, and Cams pofterity kept up the fucceflion of it ; and fo from one generation to another there bath been wicked men keeping up the fucceflion of enmity againfl God, and thou in thy generation art come to ir, and this (it feems) is thy work :. but nowon the other fide,everfìnce Adams and Abels time,there bathbin godly men in the world, and in every generation fome have kept up the honor of profeffion : and now, hath Godbeen pleafed to reveal his glorious Gofpel to thy foul ? why now, thoubeing careful of thy life and Converfation, God imploys thee in this work to keep up the fucceflionof the honor ofpro- feffion in the world. And this is a comfortable life indeed. And thus we have done with the explicacionof the Point. Now I fhal'l only give you.fome pa íages for the Application; of it. Application, Only (faith theApoffle) letyour Convertuion be as becomes the Gof#el of Chrifb. Have a care of this above all things, Oh. you would fainget more knowledg, and be accounted forne- body in the place where you live, and be an eminent profeffoi: where.