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Gofped-Converfattion. , the gofpel of Chrift, is that which manifefts unity, to live in unity one with another, for the Gafpel preacheth to us the greaten unity of chrifians that poffibly can be between man and man, Again, The gofpel holds forth this, Theglorioru happinefs of the Saints in Heaven. You cannot find much of that in the Law in all the old Tel{ament you find but little of eternall life, I can not defcover three texts fromGenefl w the end,ofMalachi that doth cleerly hold forth eternall life ; its true,, our forefathers (no queftion) in the old Teítament did know-that there was e- ternall life, and fome Scriptures there 4i that do tend that way; but I beleeve there's none ofyou can give many texts fromGe- nefs to Malachi that do expretly hold forth the glory of the Saints in Heaven. Now the gofpel that holds it forth in a Tim. i. to. faith the Apoffile there (feekingof thegiory ofthe Saints and immortality) in the 9. ver. who bath [avid ris," andcalled us with an holy calling, not according to our Work!, but according to his ewnpurpofe andgrace, which he loathgiven u4 in Chrifl refus bFfore the Worldbegan : But now is made manifcf by the apperance of our Savior fofts. Chrit, who loath aboli/lsed death, and l oath brought life andimmortality to light through the Gorpel. How comes-life & immortality to be brought to light through the golpel ? Did not o,ur forefathers know of life and immortality before ? Yes, but very darkly, and fome ofthe eminent ones knew but little ofthat exceeding riches of glory and happinefs the Saints fh.,il be crowned within Heaven, life and immortality is brought to light through the gofpel. In former times was it known ( till Chrif} came in the flefh ) that the happinefs of the Saints fhould be in the.viflon ofGod, in !landing before the face of'God, and beb,olding him inglory in Heaven ? Did they know thecommunion that the Saints fhall havewith God, and with Jefus Chrift in his bodily prefence in glory ? Did they underhand the fruition ofGod, and Gods being all in all to the Saints, as he fhall be in the communicationofall fulnefs ofgood ? Did they underftand the inheritanceof the Saints which is in fight? Did