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134 Gof)iel Cenverfation. tagautxtiittWIticstigii*** SERMON I. 4444 F you pleafe to refleLt back upon the la(t daies Exer. I cite, when we finifhed that Scripture in the Philippians, thet teaches us to walk as becomes the Gofpel ; in the profecution ofwhich we (hewed what it was the Gof- pel principally did hold forth untous ; andwhat Converfations ought tobe in the Profe(fors of it futable unto thofe things the Gofpel holds forth ; and among thofe, this was one particular ofgreat moment, that we did thenbut hint out unto you in a word or two, That the kingdom of Chrifl was not of this world. They are Chrifts own words. Now becaufe it is a Confiderati_ onofvery great ufe, I would be loth the benefit of it (houdd be loft : therefore I have now pickt out that to fpeak to more largely, and to open the meaning of it unto you from this scripture ; JOHrr, >f8.36. jefws anfwerecl and faad) My IQn$dorn is not of this world. HE words are a part of theStoryofChrifts arraignment be- fore Pilat. Behold here the King of Heaven and Earth ¡lands arraigned at the Barr of a wicked man. In this Arraignment we find a' fpecial Charge which his Adver- fades bring again(t Him, which was. this d T H. A T HE MADE HIMSELF THE KING OF THE JEWS. He was an enemj to Government. The ufual charge that the world bath had againft the Saints, that they are enemies to Govern- ment. They fare no worfe here than Chris did=