Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Gefpel-Converfation. fo as to give fcandal, or in a way of contempt; but ilk be pri- vatly, fo as it be no fcandal, nor no contempt, and the nature ofthe thing bind rue not, thenmy confcience is not bound over as guilty ofeternal death, if fo be I do not every thing that man requires. But now the Laws of Chrift they are fach as bind con- fcience as they come from him, he is a King that ( I fay ) be caufe they come from him and from his Will, though we fee no reafon in the matter of the thing, though they have nothing in the nature dale thing but meerly the Will of Chrift , it's e- nough to tye confcience, and tobind us even upon painof eter- nal death to obedience. Fiftly, Chrif s Kingdom is not ofthis world: That homage that the Saints do unto Chrift it is not worldly but fpiritual, the Worthip of Chrift, and the Ordinances of Chrift they are not worldly but Spiritual. Now the Kings of this world they may appoint what kind of worfhip they pleafe, that is, what Cere- monies they will whereby their Subiehs Ihould tender up their homage to them : and now men have ventured to be fo bold with Chrift the King, becaufe men may tender up their homage unto their earthly Kings by any wayes invented of their own, therefore they have thought that they might pre - fume to tender up their homage to Chrift their fpiritual King by any wayes of invented worship ; and therein was a great er- ror, they lookt upon the kingdom of Chrift only in a carnal way, whereas the Kingdom of Chrift is fuch as all our homage that we tender up to him muft be fpiritual, it mnft be Hea. venly, it muff be from Heaven, it muft be from Chrift Himfelf, it muff be from fome Inftitution and appointment of Jefus Chrift: and the more the kingdom of Chrift Both prevail, the more Spiritual (hall that homage be that the febjeas tender up to him: & therefore you (hall find that when the holy Ghoft fpeakes of the Kingdom of Chrift in the newTeftmant, with reference unto that which was then in the old Teftarnent, He calls, even thofe waies ofworship in the old Teftament orldly, in comparifon of the worfhip and homage that the Saints ten- der to Chrift in the new Teftament, as in Gal. 4. 3. Even fo We, When we were children, were in bondage under the element; of the