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148 Goiel-Converfation. _' Whether Leleevers may be chaffifed for fin or rio,thoughthey be Beleevers. Oh they will fay, Nó. Why ? Becattfe Chrift bathfatisfied the Lawfully, and hole can God require it in them ? Iconfefs the Law cannot ; I but Jefus Chriff in His admini- ftration as He is King, not as He is the Judge ofthe Law, but as He is the King over them, He may inflic`I chaffifements upon them ; they may in Chrifts kingdom have force chaffifements, they cannot be carried out ofthat kingdom to have the chaflife- ments of the Law, but in Chrifts kingdom Jefus Chrift many times inflias fpiritual chaffifements upon them, by hidinghis face from them for fin, and by many fpiritual difcertions ; and filch men as arebut by outward profeflion under the kingdom ofChrift, and do feem to be his Subje&s, and are not fo indeed, the Lord infliers fpiritual judgments upon them, as hardnefs of heart, blindnefs of mind, reprobate fences ; and I befeech you obferve it, The Lord Chrift doth not fo much obferve the way of outward judgements upon wicked men that are in the bofom of the Church, as He doth obferve to inflia out- ward judgments upon the Heathens and others that are out of the bofom of the Church ; no, Chrift hath other manner ofpu- nifhments for thofe that are in the Church, though now and then Chrift doth inflk outward judgments upon them ; but the main thing that Chrift looks at in His Church, is, To re- ward with fpiritual rewards ; as righteoufnefs and peace, and joy in the holy Ghoft and the like ; fo He doth inflia fpiritual punifhments ; Thofe that areprofefforsin the Church and naught and vile, it may be God may profper them for a while as well as others outwardly , Oh but the punifhments of Chrift in His kingdom they are fpiritual, your fouls are bound over to eternal death, your hearts are hardned, your confciences are benum'd, and that's more dreadful wrath a great deal than if theLord Chrift fhould punifh your bodies, or takeaway your dilates, thofe are punifhments in Chrif}s providential king- dom, but the penalties as Chriff is the Kingof the Church they are ever fpiritual punifhments whichwe fhould more fear and tremble at a great deal. Thus the kingdom of Chrift is not of this world. Now