Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

d . 272 Go fjel-Converfation. king of divers forts of people ; and makes the dif}intiion between one and another : The Lord commended the un- juff ffeward becaufe lie had done wifely! For the children of this Worldare, in their generation, wafer than the children of light : Thefe two are oppofed one to another, the children of this world and the children oflight are quite contrary one to another ; for indeed one is in theKingdom of dark- nefs,and the other in the Kingdom of light,in the Kingdom of the dear Son of God ; you muff be childrenof light, others arechildren of the world ; it becomes a child ofthe world to follow after the things of the world ; but not the childrenof light : You are chcfen eut ofthe world, thatyou may be the light of the world. So the Scripture fpeaks of the Saints,That they fhould be the light of the world : Philip- pians, 2.15. Now if they have as worldly hearts as others, how can they be the lightsof the world ? Oh I many that are Profeffors of Religion, they are indeed but dark lan- thorns, they have a candle in them, have fome, kind Of knowledg, but by their worldly Converfations they are made but as dark lanthorns, that the light of knowledg and profe(fìon that they have is fo darkned by it, as none can fee the beauty and excellency of Jefus Chrift fhining through them. Thirdly, Surely it is a very unbefeeming difpofition in one that is under the Kingdom of Chrift to be worldly : for he is appointed to be one that (hall judge the world a- nother day, In i Cor. 6.2. The Saints All/ judge the World. Now there fhould be a great deal of difference between Judges, and thofe that are judged by them : ifthey be of the fame difpofition that the world is, why fhould any be chofen out of the world to judge them ? Now all the Saints if they do beleeve themfelves to be brought into the Kingdowof Chrifl, they fhould look upon themfelves as thofe that are appointed by God hereafter to judge the whol world, and therefore they fhould not live to as. the men of the world do, but as Judges, very precifely and f}rialy according to rule. Fourthly