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Goffiel-Converfation. 27 into foolifh tuffs, foolifh bale fordid extreams, unbefeeming the Gofpel of ChrifE as we fhrll hear morewhen we come to fpeak of what Converfation we fhould have as becomes che. Gofpel ofChrifl ; take heed of your fpecial fins if you would. be careful ofyourConverlations. 3 Rule. A third Rule is this, Take heedoftemptations thatyouare liable to Without, by reafon ofyour calling, by reafon of yourplaces vhereinyou a-ce,or through ary prouidence ofGod thatmay be ; there temptations that do moll att, n %your condition, take heed ofthem.. Everie one fhould confider this ; what temptation am I moll li- able to ? fome mens callings are liable to forne temptations,other mens to others, fome men by reafon of their bufineffes and occalons in the world are liable to fuck and fuch temptations as others are not, and fometimes a man is liable to fome tempta- tions that lie: is not.liabie to at another time ; when you are at. Sea you have yozr temptations there in forraign parts, and when you come home you have other temptations, yea manie times when a man is at home among, his neighbours there he dares not take that liberty that he Both when he is gotten as broad in a journey, then he thinks he is free when no'bodie' 'knows ofit, there's his temptation;. and fo you that come from Sea, when youwere there you were kept Ebort of manie com- forts and ofmuch companie; now when you come home, the companie cornes about you,now theses a temptation comes that was not heretofore ; now if You would make confcience of your Converfations, you fhould look to. your temptations, and confider, what temptations am I liable to now that I was not before, and let me be careful of them. This you pray to God, that you may not be led into temptations, but deliveredfrom evil; if you would not daily with God in your prayers then be careful of your felves when a temptation comes to fuch. and ,fuch evils this is a vain plea for men and women to fay Oh the temptation was a flrong temptation : God expec4ed there- fore (if you-have the Spirit of Chrifi and wifdom) that you fhould fore-fee temptations, and efpeciallie that you thould be, careful when temptations come, you thould watch againft all temptations What a vain plea were it for a Soldier that keeps a Town, to fay, Oh but they came agáinfl. fuch a weak. part E 2: of:,