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42, Gojfiel-Converfatian. was meerly Legal, and how high raifed theConverfationofa Chrif tianought tobe ifhe would make it Evangelical, fuch as becomes Gofpel d d ask more time,and therfore we m df that to next s15lssch is tadalvt441.t **di&Jilt* ItIMMUMUMMUM:4134n viiververfweveverforrevii SERMON IIIo PHIL. I . 27. Only letyour Converfation be as becomes the 9ofel ofChrft. .494447 Converfation becoming the Gofpel ofChriff, it miff be be- 4 't yond what the Law can inable one to attain to, or elfe it doth not become the Gofpel. #P ' ° I have (hewedyou already what the Gofpel of Chrift ;s. But nowwe are upon the point of Converfation, That it uuft be higher than can be by the Law, thofe that live under he Gofpel muff live ina higher wayof holinefs than thofe that Nedunder the Law. Now for this, we are to confider of the aw under thefe t wo confiderations. Firft, As it c a Covenant ofworksfor life, fo it Wasmade at firs e Adam : It was a Covenant of works for eternal life to Adam nd fo to man-kind in him. Secondly, We are to confider the Lawas in the Minifrationof it Mofes : Take it either of thefe two waies. Thofe that live un der the Gofpel, and profefs the Gofpel,muft live in a more holy ::onverfatioia, or aim, or endeavour at leaft after a more holy `.onverfation thanthat Converfation could be that was under he Law : As now, I fay thus, the Lawas theCovcaaat of lift 4dat t, But what'--^ brat Converfation ? _ ET,'