Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

()ojpel erisioiie fatisfird and quieted with that ; as a C.ld that hath apiece of Gold given him and an Apple, he will be ftill'd with the Apple ; fo many men'fue to God for this greaywork of, pardonof fin, but let God give them health and accommodations in the world, they are fatisfird and contented with them, and little or never feek after the pardon of their fin; that is a fifth fort that are charged this day before the Lord that do but dally with God about feeking pardon for their fins. Sixthly, They-that are quiet upon ive4k sendflight Evidences difhonour God ; certainly they have not thofe high thoughts of themercy of God in pardoning fin, that content themfelveswith poor Evidences about it as molt do ; come to many people,--and ask them, What ? you hope that God will pardon 'your fins; yes we do hope, but upon the pooreft Evidences imaginable thofe Evidences they lay the weight of thepardon of their fins upon, are fuch broken reeds that it wouldmake a man amazed, that underftands what the worth of a poor foul is, that they fhould venture fo great a thing on fo flight a reed ; What is the reafon ? becaufe they have but flight thoughts of the forgivenefs offin : that, that a man puts a high valuation of., he will make lure ; but that which he flights, he is not fo intenfe in.; as to in- fiance, ifone give you in payment Silver, Gold and Farthings, you take the Farthings and do not tell them; but you tell the Silver, and the Gold you not only tell it 9 but weigh it too ; What is the reafon ? becaufe you little efteem of the Brafs, and fo will not tell -it , you more efteem the Silver, and therefore tell that ; but the Goldyou not only tell, but weigh it, becaufe you have a greater efteem of that than the other : this is an argument , may convince the men of the world , that their efteem ofearthly things is more thanofHeaven and their fouls becaufe they labour to make earthly things more lure than the things of Heaven ; a worldly man to make fure his Estate will have Bond upon Bond, and Seal upon Seal, and carry his Evidences to Counfellors, and fay, I befeech you Sirs, fee whe- ther there be not force flaw in them, I fhall lofe all my money if !here be but a crack in myEvidences : he is mighty careful of this,becaufe he hath fuch a high efteemof his worldly concerns : But how does it appear that men have but poor low thoughts about