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G>o ikel kynßion. 97 about the pardon of their fins, becaufe they content themfelves with fuch poor mean Evidences ; for had they a high efteem of it, theywould labour tomake pardon of fin furer than any thing in the world. To windup all, thofe that know what pardon of fin is how do they fpend their time, and lay out themfelves to get atfurance ? Take this one note, Becaufe Godfees thofe that are his own people undertand ghatforgivenefs is, have a high efteemof it, andare very folicitous about it, he condefcends in his kindnefs toaffare thembyallforts ofways andmeans ; methinks God deals with them in this manner; the poor foul Rands shakingand trem- bling, crying out, Oh 1 that I might have my fins forgiven, and have all'urance of it ; Why, fays God, what way doyou take to make things Pure from one to another ? fay you, firft we give our r. The word one to another ; fays God, you shall have that, I give you Word. my Word ; What have you elfe ? Secondly, fay you, we caufe it z.Wiiting. tobe written ; *ell fays God, you shall have it written,and this is a great mercy, the Covenant ofgrace is written we have it not from hand to hand, as our fore-fathers had : What do you elfe require? Thirdly, you fay to havewitneffes;well, faysGod, you 3. wit Ihall have witneas,in things betweenman andman,In the month nerve' oftwo or three witneffes every thing is eft.blifhed, Matth. Io.16. Now God inreconciling a Soul to himfelf, bringsno lefs thanfix witneffes to confirm a Believer in affurance of his grace and fa- vour to him, IJo.5.7,8.7'here are three that bear record in Hea- ven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghofl ; andthree that bear witnefs on Earth, the Spirit, Water, andBlood; three in Heaven, and three on Earth to affure thee of forgivenefs offin, that is a third way ? Is there any oth_r way : yea Lord,Fourthly, 4. Oath: weufe not only to have a word,and this word put inwriting,and witneffes affixed to it ; but we ufe to take an Oath : Well, lays God, I will fwear and take an Oath, to make my Covenant of gracefure toyour fouls,11,b.6.i 3 .whenGodmade a Promife to albraham,becaufehecould(wear bynogreater,he fwarebyhin #elf, and this is ver. 18. (an admirable Text of Scripture) That we might havefirong confolation, who havefled for refuge to lay hold on the hopefet before uJ ; there is hope ofGds grace through the . Reconciliation of ChriftJefus, and this hope the foul runs to as to a City of Refuge, when his guilt, like the purfuer of blood follows,