Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

98 Goffe2 Kemfsion. 5. Scal. follows him ; Well, fays God, this poor foul notwithftanding will have doubts ofmy grace ; now that it might have ftrong confolation, I have fwore that I might make my mercy fure to fuch a foul,that's a fourth way : but is there any thing elfe ? you ufe to make things fure between one another Yea Lord, Fourthly, we put our Seals to it, an Oath taken may loon pats over, but a Seal that abides : fays God, I will do that too, Iwill give you Seals, and there are divers forts of Seals ; there's firft the Broad Seal of Heaven : What is that ? that is nothing elfe, but the veryPrinting of the Image of God on the Soul, that is the Broad Seal of Heaven. And as the Broad Seal ofEngland, hath the Pic5ture or Imageof the King ftampt upon it, fo the Broad Seal of Heaven is nothing elfe but the Image of God 1ampt or imprinted on the Soul. z. There is the Privy Seal of the HolySpirit of God, which is the perfwading and afí'uring of the foul of its intereft it hath in Chrift and God the Father. In 7ám.2. i9. you have Gods PrivySeal, The Lordknows them that arehis, and they having his Privy Seal know themfelves to be the Lords, Cant. 6.2. i ammy Beloveds, andmy Beloved is mine ; fo Paul, Gal. 2.20. being fealedwith this Seal, faithof Chrift,He lovedme,andgavehimfelffor me ; he was perfwaded and affured of falvation, 2 Tim.i.iz. Rom.8.38,39, This Pri- vySealing is like the New Name , Revel. z. 17. Which no man kZnowethfining he that receiveth it.And to this you fhall have a thirdSeal,Baptifmand theSupper oftheLord,that is,to affure you, that the end of the Sacrament is to Seal up Pardon of fin ; God law that his People would be very folicitous, and therefore ad- ded all thefe wages of affurance to them ; when you therefore come to the Sacrament, you Ihould comewith a fenfe upon your fouls of the great need youhave of the grace of God in pardon- ing fin, and come to it as toa Sealing-day ; youhave manyfears and doubts ; come fo as that you may have the grace of pardon feal"d toyour fouls ; take heed of coming fo as to haveyour con- demnation fealed : for certainly, all Ordinances if they work not for that end, that they are appointed, they turn to another and quite contrary ; as the Word, if it be not the favour oflife, it is the favour ofdeath ; and fo the Sacraments, if they feal not the pardon of thy fins up unto thee, they feat up the fentence of