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100 Golpel R,emifsion. the feeking unto God for his pardoning grace till that time, it is to put a great difhonour upon God, for it is a putting of it off to theworft time that poflibly can be. And that makes much to the difhonour of God : For Firft, ?hole men feek..pardonoffn, when fin is leaving them, or they muff leavefin whether they will or no ; when you have ferved your own turn offin,after you have had as much fuppofed pleafure as you can, then you think to be delivered from the guilt and punifhment of fin ; what is there but a meer felfifh fpirit in feeking God now, and God fees it fo it is not feeking after pardon of fin that you may honour God in his infinite grace, for then you would feekafter ?t now, and the honour of God would be dear to younow ; but you feek it at fuck a time meer- ly out of refpet4 to your felves, this is a great difhonour to God, It is the firft born ofGods glory to pardon fin ; and for God to fee men and women have no higher ends in feeking pardoning grace, but meerly to fave their own skins How may God look upon them with difdain ? What fhall I magnifie the riches of my grace fo wonderfully in this work of my pardon- ing mercy ? And shall my creatures feek after it for no other. end, nor higher aims, but meerly to fave their own skins ? you. bringdown the graceof God, that that is the top of his infinite Majefty and Glory you put to a low and ,safe end ; therefore put not off feeking it to the lafl, 'tis a great difhonour to his grace. 2. It is the warf?time,becaufeyoucome to feek afterpardoning grace when it is the time ofGods wrath, Prove, i 1.4. the time of afflielion, and trouble, ficknefs, and death, is call'd the day of wrath ; Riches avail not in the dayof Gods wrath Riches avail for comfort at prefent, but in the day of wrath they will not : God hath his day of offic`lion, and his day of wrath, he bath his time to come to vifir men for their fins : Now then, for peo- ple te.come to feek to have thepardon of their fins when Gods time is to vifitforfin, that muff needs be theworft time that pof- fibly can be. I reafon thus, and confider of it ; if God does de- nyhis mercy in the day of mercy, is it likely, that he will grant mercy in the day of wrath ? while you are alive, and have li- berty, health and opportunity to cometo hear the Doctrine of the