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Gojpel Re*fsiorc. the Juftification ofa finner,and forgiv n sof tinopened,you are toknow it is the day of Gods grace ; Now is the acceptable time, . now is the clay of Salvation and ofgrace ; when God gives liber- ty and oppor_un,y, thus to have the myfteries of the Gofpel opened untoyou, This is theday of Gods grace N:oiv if God deny yougrace in this day ofmercy, that you are not fo much as iiilightned, your fouls melted and your hearts ftirred ; Do you think that nowyou are upon your Fick-beds or death-beds,which is a day of wrath unto you ; for fo it is to thofe that have not their fins pardsned before, it is a dayof wrath, and Gods time of vifiting for fin ; Is it likely that God will now (hew theemer- cy ? I befeechyou confider, theufual way of Gods working on men is according to his Ordinance : Now the ordinary way of Gods conveying grace is by the Miniftryof the Word ; Did. God ever appoint any other way to convey Chrifl, and grace to thy Soul ? give me a Text for. it ; Where do you find a Text in. Scripture of anyother ,way as an Ordinance appointed by God, . for theconveying ofhis pardoning grace inChrift to any Soul ? No it is in the Miniftry of the Gofpel,and by faith,that lays hold: of the pardoning grace of God, by corning to hear the Word: preached ; Now if God come not in that time to work upon thee, and to bellowmercy in his own appointed way, it is not . likely he will come any other way t I remember in a Treatife of Mr. Boltot's, he has this expreffion, Let any one giveme an example, that ever any one that livedunder apowerful Mini- flry, and not favinglywrought upon that way, was ever wrought . upon any other way ; many he lays may be flirred, but for his part he knew none that was fo ftirred by affliftion to the con- verfion of their fouls, if God had not before in the Ordinances of gracewrought upon them : then it muff needs be the worff time that can be to Peek pardonof fin in a day of trouble or of fliftion, becaufe that is ufually a time of Gods, wrath vifiting' for fin. 3 .The workofthe Soul infeeling after Godspardoning mercy and applying of it to himfelf, as it is the excellente wc,-k that ever a creature did perform, fo it does require the .moll exqu, f to work .,ofthe Spirit that ever was required, or that ever any crea- ture was Let about ; it is the aloft intenfive work d the fpirir of 0 3 man lot