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Go_Biel Remifsiora. to; that is abufed by many people ; for I fuppofe that I am fpeaking to a great manyvery ignorant in the ways of God, and there- fore I defire to fpeak plainly unto you, there is one place though mifapprehended and miftaken, that is the main prop of many carnal hearts, as it is read in fome Books ; At what time foever afanner repents, &c. I know no fuch Text of Scripture ; it is true, there are Scriptures tending that way that do not limit the time ; but no Scripture does exprefs it fo : many people run away with that expreffion, as if it were fo there is no Text of Scripture bath thofewords ; there is one Text of Scripture this is taken out of, but that is fpoken to another end, and there- fore you had need to examine what is fpoken, 'tis Ezell; 18. 2 r... this comes the neareft to thofe words, mark this Scripture, and fee what you can have from thence to defer the feekingof Gods pardoning mercyand grace till ficknefs and death But if the wickedPall turn from all hisfins that he loath committed, and keep all my Statutes, anddo that which is lawful and right, he fhall furely live, he(hall not die ; here this Scripture doesnot li- mit a time, though it Pays not, At what time foever ; it Pays if he turnfrom all hisfins, and keep all my Statutes, and do that that as lawful and right ; fo that this Scripture promifes mercy to one that turns from all his fins, andwill keep all Gods Statutes, and . fo do all that is lawful and right : But now, if you put it off to the time of ficknefs and death How can youdà all this ? Turn . from all finand keep all Gods Statutes then, or, How .can you do that is lawful and right then? it muff be thenwhen you Can keep all Gods Statutes, as well as turn from all your fins ; fo that if you take all together, there is not fomuch incouragement to that which is fo frequent in your mouths ; At what time foever a. farmer repents, it mull be at fuch a time as that youmuff keep all Gods Statutes : but further, God fpeaks here to the Jews ac- cording to the condition of the Covenant of works, becaufe theymade account to be juftiffedby the Law ; lays God you will put it off, and think at laft to turn from your wicked ways, and that I will have mercy on you ; I, but look to it, if you will' repent, 'it muff be fuch a repentance as mull be joyned with a keeping all my Statutes ; therefore thofe that do not undertland . the way of the Gofpel, but depend upon a repentance on their- death