Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

'Gofpel Retnifsaon. death-beds, God will hold you to this Scripture, that you muff repent at fuch a rime as that you muff keep all Gods Statutes, then you fee, this is the worít time of all,to defer repentance till your Fick-beds or death-beds ; for how can you keep all Gods Statutes then,, anddo all that is lawful and right then ? 5. It is the worfi tirne,becaufe all the tag-rag, all the bafe and vilefßwretches in the world will come in then ; And what haft thou no other fpirit, but to defer coming in till then ? Haft thou no more care of thy foul, no more love to God and his ways, but to put it off till fuch a time, as all the abominable wretches in the worldwill come in ?' That is the feventh way in difhonouring the pardoning grace of God, by feekáng it in the w,orft time that poffibly can be.. 8. TheEighth way of difhonouring the pardoning grace of God, and the moft confiderable of all, is the feeling and expeEt- Ing of it anyother way, but only through the Mediation of the Son of God ; I toldyou in the opening of the glorious myfteries ofpardoning grace, that it muff be done by a Mediator : Now, not onlygrofs ignorant people, but many others diíhonour the pardoning grace of God, they are. not fenfibleof this : that it is fuch grace that only comes through the Mediation of the Son of God : We have too low thoughtsof the pardoning graceofGod, if we do think there is a pcflibility of attaining it any otherway than by the mediation ofhim, that is God-Man : Ifwe think our crying to God at any time will doit, or our roaring out in an- guifh of fpirit, forty, fifty, or fixty years is enough to do it : or that there is any thing to attain it by, under the mediation of the Son ofGod, we have too low thoughts of thepardoning graceof God, we give not God that honour that is due unto ir. Luther has a notable expreffion to this purpofe, It is a horrible blgíhemy Ifyou prefume to pacifie God by any works, 'tis an excellent fpeech; fo I fay, 'tis horrible blafphemy and intolerable to think tohave any thing in the leaft ofyour own, to prefumeupon that Godwill be pacified with it, whereas God cannot be pacifi- ed by any other means, than by the infinite price of the Death andBlood ofhis own Son ; onedrop of which is more precious, than all the creatures ofHeaven and Earth ; God will fay, Have I revealed fuch awayof being reconciled with myCreatures, and