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-.__..._....-s-,- Go f iel Toni ion. 107 to make an Attonernent, Levit. 14. They were to take a bunch ofHyfop, tofprinkZle withal ; Now fays David, Purge me with Hyfop, that is apply to me the blood of Chrift , for I have need of frefh applications of the blood of Chrift ; I have finned againft him, and have done what in me lay to bring my felfunder Gods wrath, and have brought new guilt up- on my foul : Now for the affurance of thy love to me , let there be frelh applications cf the blood of thy Son ; let there be a new fprinkling of the blood of thy Son upon me : I fuppofe many of you in reading this place, did not think of the meaning of the Spirit ofGod in ir, that may be a great help unto you, when at any time you are feeking the par- don of your fins, to cry to God to be purged with Hyfop ; o Lordfprinkle the blood ofChrift afrefh uponme;for I know that all my Prayers andTears, and all that 1 can do, cannot purge mefrom theguilt of thatfin 'have committed againf thee ,ex- cept thoupurge me with Hyfop; that is, byapplying of the Blood of thy Son unto me : And this is the Eighth way of difhonour- ing the grace ofGod, in feeking for it any other wµy than through the blood of his Son ; and remember when you are feeking it, that it may be the laft time ; and therefore re- member you look up to God for it in, by, and through the death of his Son ; for otherwife, though you are never fo earneft in Prayer , you difhonour this grace : It is an eafie matter to convince men and women, that they are guilty of difhonouring the grace of God, if they feek for pardon in a negligent and fluggifh way ; but now, though you are ne- ver fo fenfible, and put forth never fo much firength in feek- ing for ir, yet you difhonour God, except you look upon it as fuch a high thing that can never be reach'd unto, but through the mediation of the Son of God. g. The ninth wayofdifhonouring thegraceof God,isfor any one to venture on fin,the rather becaufe they hope they Jhall be pardoned, that dare to venture on fin on that ground , hoping that God will at laft pardon them. I fpake before of thofe that did nothing elfe but increafe their fins inftead of feeking par- don of fin, and of the .miferable fad condition of fuch : Put thofe we now fpeak of, are not fuchas are come to this height P 2 et