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io6 Go#el Retnfsion. have been made fenfible of fin, it may be you have thought ofGods grace for the pardon and forgivenefs of your fins and for to quiet the trouble of your fpirits ; Have you done that ? there is I fuppole many a poor foul may fay, I have beenoften with God when no eye faw me, but only Gods Peeking the pardon ofmy fin in trouble of fpirit ; you have done fo -but has your eye at that time been faftened ; on the Son of God, as the great Mediator between God and Man , to interceed to God the Father for the obtaining this mercy , by making fatisfaftion to infinite Juftice ?' Together with your cries for pardon, have your eyes been upon the Son of God at the right hand of the Father, pleading for man ? Have your hearts been taken with the great myfteries of godlinefs and wrought upon by the infinite grace of God ? Have you put forth a mighty power of the Spirit of Faith, to tender up to God the Father the Attonement that his Son has made by his blood and death for your fins? Have you feen that the pardoning grace of God is fo high, that it is impoffible to be reach'd unto by any thing you can do, but only by the me- diation of the Son of God ? If it have been thus with your fpirits ? then you have fomewhat of the fenfe of the great work of God in this thing ; but otherwife, though you have been never fo much wrought on and have had floods of forrow, and have cryed never fo earneft for the pardon of your fins, yet except youhave had forne fuch kind of thoughts of Gods grace, as there are, upon your hearts, working af- ter God this way, you were never throughly acquainted with the way of Gcds pardoning grace, and fo yo:i have difho- noured him, by having too low thoughts of it, except your hearts have been raifed to this height, Pfal. 51. 7. in that timewhen David was on repenting, he called unto God to purgehimwith h5fop; Daviddefired the renewing of the of furance of Gods mercy in Chrift in the pardoning of that horrible offence he had committed and thereforehe prays that he may be purged with Hyfop : What is the meaning of that ? there is a great myfery in it ; in the time of the 'Law when the blood was fprinkled, it was done with a bunch of Hyfop; and it was a Type of the Blood of Chrift that was to