Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

i e o GoJpel (kean f sao,t. ir but fuck as have an appearance of godlinefs , and if after being crept in, they proving otherwife, than there is a power to call them out ; let thefe things be granted, and then though many ungodly ones will unawares creep in, yet it is no hinderance at all to }oyn with them in all the Ordinances of God : that is the firfl Wing laid of them ; they creep in. 2. He lays they were fuch i1.3 wereordai ned c foldto condemna 'tion ; thofe that turn this grace of God into wantonnefs ; that is, abufe this pardoning grace of .God by taking liberty to fin ; furely they are fuch as fhould be kept out of the Church, and if they creep in, they fhould not be account- edmembers, but fhould be (aft. out, when they appear to be fuck as were of old ordain'd to condemnation : then thofe that abufe the grace of God to wantonnefs, and think they may take liberty to fin becaufe God is merciful to forgive fin, the Scripture fays, they are ofold ordained to condemnation. Thirdly, They are ungodly Then, fuck as have no godlinefs at all in them, but are meer carnal and worldly men ; it is a terri- ble thing for a Minifter to fay to any of you out of the Wordof God, thou art ari ungodly man or woman. Hail thou not tsarn'd thegrace of God into wantonnefs, and abufed ir, when thou heardeft that God was merciful ? Haft thou took liberty to fin ? thou art an ungodly man for thou turneft the grace of God into wantonnefs : The blefed grace of God that should be the chief means to keep men from fin ; thou makeft it an advantage to further fn : And mark further, Fourthly , Thou denyefl. our LordJefus Chrift ; thou talkefl of Gods mercy in Chrift, but thou denieft the only Lord God and our Lord Jefus Chrift ;What a heap ofexprelîons are here, to fet forth the condition of fuch men that turn the grace ofGod into wantonnefs ? r:They creep in.2.Were of oldordained to condcrn- nation.3. Theyare ungodly : And q_, they deny the Lord fefus Chrift: Methinks this one Text fhould daunt the heart of every one that is before the Lord this day ; never to prefume upon ac- ing offuch a horrible wickednefs, to fin becaufe of Gods par -, Boning grace, for there is fo much evil in this, to prefume on fin becaufe God is willing to forgive fin that thofe that un- .derftand the glory of Gods grace, their hearts cannot but Rand