Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Goel Reinfsion. .. ... ........... . Band amazed and rife with indignation againft it, Rom.6. r. WhatPall wefay then, Shall we continue in fin, that grace may abound ?-- -force there were that did abufe the, grace of God to fin ; How does the Apoftie rife with indignation againft that abominable wickednefs ? hedoes not grant it, but reje& it with a horrible indignation, God forbid. What ? to fin that grace may abound, God forbid : What ? to make ufe of the grace of God to further fin ; Shall we nand to anfwer there men, in the horrible reafoning of their hearts ? No, they are to be cart off with deteftation and reje&ion , with a God forbid, that there fhould be any of fuch vile and wicked hearts thus to abufe the pardoning grace of God : Suppofe you forgive one fervant a fault, and another fer- vant íhould fay ; well, my Mailer hath forgiven him, I will do fo. too; upon that ground, if thou commit the fame offence, he will not forgive thee, becaufe thou offendeft pre- fumptuoufly, which is a .molt horrid . thing. Let me a little, further reafon the cafe : z . It is an argument of an abominableheart,that hath no way to keep itfrom fin, but onlyguilt, andfear of wrath and Hell ; Thoumakefl: not the grace of God an argument to keep thee from fin, nor the evil of fm in it felf ; which is a great dif- honour and wrong to God ; there is more evil in fm it Pelf , fetting afide the confideration of the guilt and puniíhment of it," there is ten thoufand times more evil in fin it felf , than all the puniíhment in Hell will countervail ; and thou haft no way to keep thee from fin, but only the guilt and pu- nifhment ; it is an argument of a bare wicked heart. . 2Suppofe there were no evil ofguilt or punifhment, yet an ingenuoru gracious fpirrt.would never do it ; What fhall I, fin, becaufe. God wit; pardon ? Shall I venture upon it ? no , I will never do it : grace reafons to a quite contrary end ; that is an excellent Scripture in. Tit. 2. r I. The grace of God that brings Salvation ; it is this grace that reveals the pardon of fn ; this precious grace of God that brings falvation has ap- peared to all men : But towhat end ? tesching us to deny un- godlinefs and worldly lugs ; the grace of God that brings fal- vation, it teaches us thefe lef'ons not Each a wicked leffon that lll