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112 C70ite1 eyntlSZOn. that we íhould prefume to fin, on hopes that God may par- don it : No, But to deny ungodlinefs andworldly lofts; andthat eve f lioaild lavefoberly ri:hteoufly, and godly ; and not to take %iberty to fin, to lye, 1teal, be filthy, and the like becaufe God will pardon ; no, it teacheth other manner of leffons than thefe ; and then it follows, looking for that bleffed hope andappearance of thegreat God,and our Saviour Yefus Chrift ; mark the Text, there is a great deal in it, when the grace of God that brings falvation, and mercy , and pardon of fin is revealed, it teacheth us thefe Lefrons ; becaufe of the grace and favour of God that is revealed to us, that wefbould denyall ungodlinef and worldy tufts, and then we may with ,comfort look for the bleffed hope and appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jefus Chrift ; but otherwife you can never look for that bleff:d hope : let me fpeak to thofe that reafon thus, that they may venture on fin, becaufe of Gods pardoning grace ; Does the Revelation of the grace of God teach you to live ungodlily, and in worldly tufts ? Can you look for that bleffed h,;pe with comfort, and expect the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jefus ,Chrift ? 'tis impoßïble, you cannot, 'Lis not a bleffed hope that you have, but a curfed hope ; that all 'hall be well at laff , though you live ungodly andwickedly : And for the appearing of ,he great God ; certainly it will be a terrible appearing to thee, that made Chrift who came to difí'olve the works of the Devil, to be a means to uphold the works of the Devil. 3. Didever anyChildofGodmale ofe of Scripture to rea; fonforfin infuch a wicked way, for toprefume to fin, becaufe God is willing to pardon ? You cannot give me one example in all the Scripture of any of thofe that God bath Mewed mercy to, that reafoned after this manner; I can give you examples to the contrary, how the Saints have reatoned o- therwife, Pfal. 13o. 4. mark the reafoning of a gracious heart,Bue there isforgivenefs with thee, that thou mayft be feared ; he reafons from the pardoning grace of God , to drawup his heart to the fear of God ; as it he íhould fay, Lord, Ihave heardmsch ofthe Doctrine of the pardon of f :n, and