Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

114 Gofpel krnifsíon. to you, and his blood and fufferings for the pardoning of you, and you blafpheme becaufe you think he will pardon ; ofthe twomethinks you fhould judge the fecond fort worft you blafpheme becaufe you hope God will pardon, and the other blafpheme God becaufe they know he will not par- don ; 'T'is fomething irorfe to take liberty tofin,becaufe you hope God will pardon,than they that fin becaufe that theyare out ofall hopesofpardon. Thou that takeft libertyon this ground to blaf- pheme the Name of God ; What thinker thou wilt become of thee another day ? Now thou dolt blafpheme, becaufe thou hopefiz that God will pardon thee ; ere long thou maift come to that condition to blafpheme God eternally, becaufe, he will not pardon thee : Asi make no quefion, but many Swearers, Drunkards, unclean perfons and the like, that have gone on in fin on this ground,becaufe they hoped that God would pardon them ; are now gone to- their own place, and blafpheme be- caufe they find that God will never pardon : fo that thou that blafphemefl now, it may be thou (halt blafpheme eternally but it will be otherwife : thou daft it now in hopes that God_ will pardon; thou (halt there do it, becaufe thou (halt have nohopes that he will ever pardon. 5. Thou that finnefl now -in hopes that God will pardon, if God inlighten thy mind, theft things will be an intolerable burden to thee ; and if there be any thing that will indanger the finking of thy foul unto the bottomlefs gulfof defpair , it is like to be this ; you now give way to the reafonings of your ownhearts; to further fin from the confideration of Gods par- doning mercy ; the fame reafon that furthers fin in you now , from the confideration ofpardon, will make you have further thoughts of defpairingof Gods mercy : Suppofe thou goeft on a great while, and heapeft up fin on this prefumption : Let me put this unto thee, either God will inlighten thy Confcience, or he will not do it ; ifhe never do it, thou art eternally loft ; but ifhe do it, ifhe come at length and awaken Confcience; then what a load of anguifh and trouble will lie upon thy foul, that will make thee cry out, O Lord, Ihave not only finned : but now I come to feekfor mercy ; my mouth is flopt with the thoughts of that mercy that Ihave abufed;Now nothing but