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Gofpel emiflion. 5 when I firft taught you the Doctrine of the free forgivenefs- or fin by faith in Chrift , and you faid it-was á bleffed Do- &rine, and your.. hearts were mi htíly taken with it, where is it now ? How comes it to pats that your hearts are fo taken off from the efteem you then had of it ?. Where is then the bleíf.dnefs you fpake of ?. Thus it is ufually, the Minifters cf. Chrift come and ',preach Doarine to People that their hearts are taken wish, their fpirits ftirred, and they mighti- ly affected with th-e firft hearing of it ; but afterwards by fóme fin, or the company of carnal friends , their hearts are taken off, though while they were hearing fuch and fuck a Truth their hearts glowed and burned within them. God grant it may not be fo with force of you , who when you, heard lately the Doc`rine of the Evil of Sin, your hearts were mightily áffecfed, and you Paid , O what a dreadful evil is there in fin, in the leaft fin ; and being convinced of it , you bgan to reform ;, yet afterwards you fell off again. May it.not be faid of you, Where is the fenfe of the Evil of. Sin. you fpake of? Where. is that bitternefs upon your hearts, on the convictions you had cf the evil of fin ? Where is it ?. What is become of it ? As St.Paul fayes, the bleffednefs you fpake of, Where is it ? What is become of all that ftrength and power the Doctrine of Remiff.ìon of Sin had upon your. hearts ? Take another Scripture , Rerriffìon of Sin is the fpecial Bleffednefs of the fecond Covenant tha* God made. with Abraham ; when he came to Abraham and told him, In his Seed all Nations fionld be blefed, Gal. .17. compared . with the 24. In the 17. verfe he fpeaks of the Covenant made with Abraham, and that the Law that was 430 years . after , could- not difannul the Promife that it fhould be . of none effect, verfe 2ç. Wherefore then nerved. the Law-? why fayes he, It was our Schoolmafer to bring usunto Chrift - The (cope of the Apoftle. is to Phew, that there is ,a Covenant= of Grace beyond that of the Law , and. that the Covenant of . the Law is to bring us to the. Covenant of Grace : and the . principal thing in,the Covenant of .Grace is in the 2¢;- verfe) The Law, fayes he, was ourSchoolmaf er tobring us unto Cori%. That. we might be jtáftified by faith , and thereby receive B. remííoit.