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Go l 1em f siß7i. a:&. The Bleffednefs ofaMan, or ofany Soul, confifts its thefree Grace ofGod forgiving of his fin. That is our point ; the bleffednefs of any man or woman.. does not confift in the enjoyment of any thing in all this world , but in the free grace ofGod forgiving of his fin ; It neither confïfìs in any thing we can do or have, but in the free grace of God forgiving of fm ; and that is the meaning of that Text, Rom. 4.6, 7. which St. Paul cites from this place ór Scripture, obferve it, it is to this very purpofe, even as David alto defcribeth the bleffednefs of the man to whom God imputeth righteoufi efs withoiat works, faying, Bleffed are they whefe Iniquities are forgiven, andwhofe Sins are cover- ed. The fcope of the Apoftle in this place is, to declare that the, . bleffing ofAbraham the father of the faithful confifted not in any thing he had ordid, but in the free grace of God for giving of his fin, Gal. 4. 15; (ayes Paul, Where is the blef- fednefs you fpake of? for, Ibear yoti record, if pofJble, you would have plucks out your own eyes, andgiven them to me . Where is then the bleffednefs you fpake of ? What's the . meaning of this bleffednefs ? certainly this bleffednefs in my Text , it was this 'bleffed doc}rine, St. Paul being firft that brought it to the Galatians ; concerning the free Juftifica- tion of a poor foul by faith in Jefus Chrift , in the free par- don and remiffion of his fin by faith in Chrift ; this, is the bleffednefs fl:oken or : Now , becaufe the Galatians at the firft hearing of this do&rine were fo mightily taken with it, that they cryed out, O this is a bleffed dot`frine Remiffion of Sin by the free grace of God through faith -in Chrift , O this is the blefiedeft dottrine that ever we heard ; they were fo taken with it ,' that if poflible they would . have pluckt out their eyes for Paul, that brought them fuch a dottrine as this at their firft hearing and receiving of it. But after- wards, the Galatians were turned afide by falfe Teachers, that had taken off the edge of their affeefions to this bleffed Truth. Now Paul coming to reprove them , íayes, Where is then the bleffednefs you fpake _ of , there was a time when