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Gofpel qemifiiora. 125 CHAP. XV. Of the Drfhonour done to the GraceofGód bynot reting on it. 2. Ofthe Evil ofit. T Here is one fort more that are great difhonourersof the pardoning grace of Gód, and they are thofe that think they honóur him , and yet difhonour him exceed- ingly, .fuch as being apprehenfìve of the greatnefs of their fins, the vilenefs of them and their own mifery, by reafon thereof lie down in a fallen dee f erate difèouraging mood, under theweight and burdenofthem, and are ready to turn againfi themfelves, fling certainly, my condition is fuch, as I muff expect no other but to liefor ever under the burden of my fins , and bear for ever the punifhment of them ; I have heard much indeed of the riches of the pardoning grace of God ; but for my part, my condition is fuch, that little ex- pedation I have of being made partaker of it ; certainly this kindofPullen difcouragememnt, in lying under our fins, is a mighty aggravation of our fin, and exceedingly difhonour- able to the pardoning grace of God ; many that are thus, let them hear never fo much openedof the riches of the Gofpel , and the infinitenefs of the grace of God ; all is nothing to them, it raifes them not from the fullennefs oftheir hearts , and the difcouragement of fpirit that hangs upon them they are like to thofe in Exod. 6.9. that Mofes flake unto, but they hearkenednot foranguifhoffirit, andfor cruel F ondage God fent Mofes to Phew them the grace of God , to de- liver them from their bondage ; . but fays the Text , they hearkenednot to eMofes, only for anguifh of fpirit, and for cruel bondage ; fomany people when God comes to awaken their Confciences, there is fo much anguifh in the fenfe of their fin, that they hearken not to what is faid ; let them hear never fo much in private or in publick, they are juft where they were, the fame complaints, fullennefs and ob- jedions as before : you may anfwer all their obje&ions R _3 againft