Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

t : 6 Go(cl Xemfsiora. againft the grace of God, that they know not what to fay, but goaway for halfan hour, and they will have the fame ob- jec`ttons as if never any thing had been faid unto them, cer- tainly there is more evil in this , than you are aware of, this limiting and determining of Gods grace : 'tis true, there is reafon to judge your felves unworthy, and that God may deny you, but that God will deny you is another thing ; there is a great deal of difference in there : fome when they are put upon the ufe of means, will confefs they ought to at- tend upon them, andthat they will do it, but yet when I have doneall, I have little hopes that God will deliver me, but I fhall dyeand perifh in my fins, as that woman, z Kings 12. i7.fays fhe,l am a poor Woman, I have but a ha-idful of meal in the barrel,anda littleOyl in a Crufe,and amgathering two flicks that Imay eat it and dye ; fo much as Ihave I am preparing, and when I have eaten this I muff dye, thus fays many a foul, I may go hear the word and pray, but to little purpofe ; But I will go and do them and then I muff dye. It is but little that I can make of Prayer, when I have fpoken twoor three words, I am prefently diftrac`ed with wandring thoughts. Two or three flicksI may lay together, but when I have done that, Imutt dye. Now know and confider this day, what fromGod fhall be faid unto you, thou much difhonour- eft the pardoning grace ofGod. Firft, Know it is very low thoughts thouhaft of the pardoning mercy of God,and what Chrifl bath purchafed,and what God bath intendedfrom everlafting in the Covenant of grace, to thofe fouls for whomhe intends good ; and though for his inten- tions he keeps them to himfelf ( and would not have thee meddle with that) till hemanifeft them in the work of grace , yet in the mean time having revealed no further, but that thou mail have it as well as any other, he expects from thee that thou fhouldft venture thy felf upon his grace through his Son Jefus Chrift, and though thou fail thou art vile, un- worthy, and after the ufe of means, that thou art unprofi- table, vain, full of wandring thoughts and deadnefs, and therefore thou canft not expec`f grace ; know that thou haft but mean thoughts of the grace of God, that fett'ft fuch things