Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

8 Gold Xernilsion. ueíft. Aniw. reft : Thou that walkeft in the Wildernefs of thy fins and haft thy heart hardned againft all the Truths of God. But now, if God has come in to thee, and opened Canaan, and brought you any clußers of thofe Grapes ; revealed the myfte_ ries of the Gofpel and pardoning grace through Chrift : If younow hangoff, and be longing after the Onions and Gar- lick of Egypt ; fear and tremble, left God fhould fwear you fhould never enter into reft : you that are wicked, unclean perlons, that went on in fin, though you had force light of Nature that caufed Confcience to check you ; yet God was patient, and your conditionwas not fo dangerousaíithen. But now, after the hearingof this grace of the Gofpel and par- doning mercy, a Drunkard, an unclean perfon, or a vile liver now, is in a thoufand times of more danger, left God fhould fwear againft him now than before : Take heed in every act of the renewal of thy fin , thou art in danger left God in his wrath fwear againft thee that thou Ihalt never enter into refs. Well, If the cafebefo,thenyoumayfay; What (hall we do that we might not difhonour this fwe.et andpreciousgrace, but that we might honour God in it ? Is this the frame of thy heart to be careful above all things in the world, that thou mighteft not difhonour this precious grace ? Does thyheart work thus ? Lord, whatever I have been heretofore, though I have been a negligent vile wretch ; yetfor time to come, it (hall be the work,ofmyfoul togive up myfelfuntowhat ever God(hall(deal,, unto me, that Imay not di(honour God : Is this the frame of thy fpirit ? the Lord keep it fo. Now that I might direct you in this great point, I shall r. Thew who they are that are pardoned ; for that will be a foundation for direction ; and then Zly, Thew you what you ought to do to get it, what we are to put you upon, if you find not Evidence of it : And then 31y, What is to be done for the honouring of the grace of God by thofe that have force comfortable Evidence of ir, CHAP. 11111