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`loammeliwommanAmma Go_lel krraßiorz. 137 you do not ; ifyou do not, God is peremptory ; if you come in and imbrace the Gofpel, you (hall be Paved ; but if you do not, the Ax is laid unto your root to cut you down : the Gofpel makes quick work withyou, as Paul fays in z Cor. z. 14. it is fo ftrong that it kills. with the very favour of it , it has fuch a favour as it can kill with the very finell of it ; To him that believes it is the favour of life unto life ; but to him that believes not,it is the favour of death unto death, Ad. 17.3o. In the times of Ignorance God winkled,when men under-. ftood not what the evil of fin was ; but now he commands all men to repent : before you heard the dreadful evil and ma- lignity that is in fin, God might wink at you ; but now he commands you all, having heard fomany Sermons of the e- vil nature of fin, to repent, or elfe God will be very quick with you, Heb.4.. r 2. an excellent place, The Word of God is gttick,and powerful ; but what word is it ? mark, in the fecond verfe, Vntous, fays he, was the Go#el preached : It was the Wordof the Gofpel , and verfe 8. If refus had given therm ref : It is that reft fpoken in the Gofpel : and mark what he fays in the beginning ; Let us therefore fear, lefi a Pro- mife being left of entring into reft, anyofyou fhould feem to comefport of it : Let us therefore fear, for the Word ofGod is fwift, and will make quick difpatch : No Sermons make fuch quick difpatch as .Sermons of the Gofpel ; fear left a- ny feem to come fhort : let us fear left any of us fhould go on in any way that makes it feem to appear we rejeef the Gofpel. It is very obfervable what we find in Gods deal- ings with Ifrael of old ; we never find God fwearing againft them, till they rejec`ed the Land of Canaan , and preferr'd Egypt before it ; when the Spies were fent forth to fearch the Land, andbrought force of the Grapes of ir, Numb. 13.14. Chapters, and told them what an excellent fruitful Land it was; but becaufe of force difficulty in the getting of it, they fell a murmuring ; then God took up a folemn Oath they lhould not enter into it, though they had provoked him ten times, yeaforty years in the Wildernefs , yet God never fware againft them till that time : That foul is in a fad con- dition,that God fhallfwear in his wrath it(hall not enter irno his T ref$,: