Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Goipei Xemfsion: I. f e.a black difrnal cloud of the difpleafure dale Almighty hanging over me 1 I fee a moll hideous and dreadful fentence of wrath ready to fall upon me ! . I fee wo, mifery, and de- ilruction purfuing of me ! I fee blacknefs of darknefs and de- folation even furrounding me I I both fee and feel the woful accufations of a guilty Confcience within me, condemningme ; continually grating uponmy foul, and terrifying me with dread- ful Vifions of eternal miferies to betide me I I fee the chainof black guilt and horrour on my foul that I carry with me wherefòever I go ! I fee the bottomlefs gulf of eternal horrour and defpar with the mouth of it wide open ready to fwallow me up ! Now then, this fight being prefented before an enlight- ned and awakened Confcience : Now comes in the pardon and forgivenefs of fin whereby this dreadful cloud is difpel'd, the tempeft is gone ; the darknefs and mifery vanifhedaway, and all evil whatfoever the foul is fet free from fin, and from all the dreadful confequences of it. Is not this a Mead man, com- paring his former condition with his prefent flare, looking on him as even now, having the fenfe of the dreadful evil of fin upon his Confcience , and the heavy burden of it on his back, ready to fink under it, into the gulph of mifery, and now par donof fin comes ; O what a blef ed change is this ! O bleffed it the ry..an whofefin is pardoned. Nowwhat God had laid unto his charge, or his own Confcience, the Law, the Devil, or the World, it is all done away, all is difcharged and gone, bleffed is the man that is thus delivered ; Old things arepaft away, and . all things arc become new, 2. Cor.5 . z 7.. it is meant not only of Sanffification, but of Juflification alto, he is a new creature ; Old things are paft away, and all become new.. Brethren, by reafon or the fin of man, there is a curfe upon the whole Creation, and this old Creation muff come to confufion : there- fore it is an evil thing for any man to leek his happinefs in any thing here in the old Creation, for there is a curieupon it, and it will come to confufion. But there is a newCreation ofall in Chrift, of all fpiritual things in Chrift : Now a finner when he comes to have his fin pardoned and be juftified, he comes into a new Rate, that comes in by the new Creation ; the hap- pinefs ofthe Children comes by, and confifts in the newCreati- on