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G , el . emïf pion. ° on ; old things are-done away, and he comes tobe feated ita:the new creation in Chrift this is the fiat thing wherein a man or woman is bleffed, Negatively, in being delivered from fo great an evil. 2. Of the Pofitive BleffednefsofthePardonofSin. Secondly, Pofitively, he is a bleffed man whofe fins are for- given, ifwe confider, the excellencyof that mercy God makes that foul partaker of, whofe fins are forgiven, Dan.9.9. To thee Lordour God belongmercies and forgieerieffes, forgivenefs is the fruit ofglorious mercies, Exod .34.6. The Lordis merciful and gracious, long offering and abundant in goodnefs and truth, keeping mercyfor thoufands forgiving iniquity.Now I (hall open this pofitively,and thew the richesofmercy in forgivenefs of `fire When the Scripture applyes mercy to forgivenefs of fin, it bath divers expreflìons, fometimes calls it riches ofmercy, Eph.1.`7. fometimes, plenteous mercy, Pfal. 86.8. fometimes,Godsfulnef ofcart,paffon, Pfal.78.38. Cornetimes,multirude ofmercies, Pfal. 5 r. T. I might give divers other places, but thefe may fuffice ; it is rich, plenteous, fulnefs of compaílìons, and multitude of mercies ; When God forgives fin, he thews mercies in all thefe expreflìons. For the opening of it unto you, I fhall (hew you what abundance of mercy God thews in the forgivenefs of fin, confider mercy a. In the Efficient, 2. In the Final caufe of it, 1. Of the Efficient Caufe ofMercy inforgivenefr ofSin. Firft for the Efficient Caufe : there is abundance of mercy God manifefts in the forgivenefs of fin , he abounds in his mercy, there is a Sea, an infinite vaft Ocean ofmercy, inwhich thefins of the Ele&come to be fwallowed up, though their fins be many, and great, and committed with many grievous aggra- vations : yet when they comb,toan a& ofJuAification,to God,to be forgiven ; fay, God comes to the foul a an infinite Ocean of mercy, that (wallows up all the evil in fin, attend unto it. Look as in themighty Ocean, whether you cart in a load or a thovell full ofearth , the vaft Ocean makes little difference of either