Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Gof]el en ion. fi:nn'A1 after their example, he hnay come upon thee for the firft or fecond a±,cut thee off, and fend thee down prefentty toHell ; and . therefore do not fay, my fins are but few, and therefore God will pals them by, that is no argument at a11. hirdly, The third falfe ground that othersapprehend their fins arepardoned is this,becaufe theguilt of them does not lie up- on their Corfciences ; they think they are not guilty of their fins, and fay, theywere committed a great while ago, and a long time hath paff, and they heard not of them ; and there- fore they think they (hall never hear of them more, God bath quite paff them becaufe they were committed a long time fence , and they have not heard of them. Anfiv. Do not deceive your (elves in this, for the fins that you have- committed twenty, forty, or fixty years ago, though thou never heard'ff of them fince, it is no argument that they are pardoned ; for theymay beon the file in Heaven, Rand there upon Record, and lie as a debt againft you all, though they were committed eighty years ago ; 'tis no argument a Ma- lefac` or is pardoned, becaufe the Afflue is not to morrow, or next day ; 'Lis true, God will have his Aflìze for fome fooner; but for you he bath referved it till another time ; and there- fore 'tis you hear not of your fins, Exod. 32. 34. In the day when Ivifit, Iwill vifit theirfin opon them : God has his day, and.perhaps his day is not come to vifit ; and therefore thou thinkeft thou art difcharged, becaufe the day of Gods Vi- fitation is not come to thee. And Secondly, know further , that though thy fins were committed a great while fince, yet in regard of Gods Eternity, they are to him as if they were committed this morning before thou cameft to the Affembly ; although you committed them forty or fifty years ago , yet toGod they are but as a fin committed yefterday; it may be you thinkyour Confciences would fly in your faces, if you were drunk yefternight, and fhould come to the Sacrament this morning ; and certainly he muff be a defperate wretch , a monffrous notorious villain, that fhould dare to come to the Sacrament this morning that was drunk the laft night,, the laft week, and never made his peace with God , his Confci- ence 1 3 Plea, Anfw,