Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

144 Go#el Remfsion. ence may fly in his face if he were not a Monfter : but now, your fins that were Committed forty or fifty years ago,, know they are to God as if they were committed but this morning ; for Gods eternity confifts not in palling and com- ing ; but in this that there is no fucceflìon with God no time pal}, nor time to come with God ; all time to God is as a perpetual now : and therefore all thy fins that thou haft committed in time paff, is in the eye of God as if they were . committed this very hour; there's a great deal of need to underftand this rightly, for the humbling of men and women, by caufing them to look back upon their fins, and to lay them to heart ; for they are thus prefented before God , as if they were committed this very moment, Job 14. 16, 17. Doff thou not watch over my fin ? mytranfgrefon is fealed up in a bag, and thoufoweft up mine iniquity : God watches over your fins, and will come upon you for them ; they are fealed up in a bag : fometimes when I have feen the Clerkofthe Aflizes draw out his Indi&ments, fuch a one for murder, and fuch a one for Felony ; it put me in mind of this Text ; thofe In- dictments againft men were put up in the Clerk of the Aftizes bag, it may be a good while before , and now at the Aflïzes they are drawn out and read openly in the face of the Court ; fo are thy fins all put in a bag, and God in the day of vifi- tation he pulls them out, and reads them openly before Men and Angels. We have an example in Scripture, how God did come on men for fins committed a long while before , as the example of Yofeph's Brethren, who fold him, and after this theywent on and never heard of it till a long time after ; it appears not that their Confciences were troubled till two and twenty years after they had committed that fin ; till they came into Egypt and were in afflicSion, and then their Con- fciences began to fly in their faces ; for the fin they committed againft their Brother : Jofeph was feventeenyears old when he wasfold, and when he flood before Pharaoh he was thirty , there's thirteen years and then feven years of plenty , and two years offamine before they came into Egypt ; there's two and twenty years, before their Confciences did fly in their faces for their finagainft their Brother : Take heed what you do,