Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

146 Gofked (Q,emysion. him off ; fo though God have cart off a man or a woman , yet that manor woman may have much fuccefs in their way ; you that are Marriners, you cannot draw an argument, that becaufe you have had a good Voyage, and have pact fuch dangers (though you have committed many fins)) that God is at peace with you, and that all your faults are pall over ; no, you may have many good fucceflès in your Voyages, and yet peritlt at length for the fins you have committed in your Voyages ; and fo you may have good fuccefs, as Said had good fuccefs in war, and yet was call offfor all that. Fifthly, Others fay, we are not fo vain to make outward pro fierity an argument orground that ourfinsare pardoned: but we farrowforfin, repent of them,and turn from them,and rely on Gods mercy through Chrift that oarfns are pardoned, thefe are arguments ofa higher nature than the former ; and if there be true forrow, unfeigned repentance, reformation, and a trulling in Gods mercy through Jefus Chritt, they will be good arguments indeed : but now I fall thew you there may be all thefe, and yet fin not pardoned ; yea a relying on Chrifl,at leaft fo as people may think they rely upon Chrift, and yet not fin pardoned. I. Though there things we mentioned Taffmay feem to be hard, yet the tryal ofthem is averyfife andwholfome thing, becaufe if you mitlake in this, you are undone ; you will examine Evidences for your Houfes and Lands ; do fo in the great matters between God and your fouls : And for forrow for fin, I (hall make it plain, there may be a great deal of for.- row for fin, and yet fin not pardoned; you know the exam- ple of Ahab, i King.2 r. 27. to 29 verfes, And it came pars when Ahab heard thofe words, that he rent his clothes, and putfuck cloibupon his flefh,andfatted, and lay in fackcloth and went foft` when God did but fend the Prophet to tell him of his fin; prefently upon the Prophets words he rent his clothes, .which was a fign of exsream forrow in thofe times, and them he put on Sackcloth :. he put off his Princely Robes, his braveApparel , and put on Sackcloth, and that not for an outward garment, but upon his Beth, and then fatted . and lay in Sackcloth, and went foftly as a dejected man