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...---- GoA2e1 1t,eazf;.on. 147 Than : the pride and ftoutnefs ofhis heart feern'd to be fo much abated, that God takes notice of it in the 29 verfe, Seeft thou howAhab hionblcrh hirnft'lfbefore rr,e ; and becaufe he did fo, the judgement was deferred for a while , yet certainly 4hab's fin was not, nor ever fhould be pardoned , though he put on Sackcloth and humbled himfeif before the Lord : t appeal unto you this morning. Are not many of you hoping for pardon of fin, andyet come far fhort of Ahab ? all you do in your repentance,is to fay, God be merciful unto me, I am forry, Lord forgive me, and there's an end, all's done pre- fently ; but Ahab went a great deal further, andyet his fin was not pardoned : Take the example of Efeu, you know what the Scripture fays of him, He fought the bleffing i with tears,andyet found no place for repentance ; and in being reje& cd of the bleffing, it was a typeof his rejeftion of Heaven fome carry it thus, to prove there may be tears, andyet no true repentance, that is a truth ; Efarc was very much trou- bled, and fhed many tears, and yet there was no true repen- tance : but I rather take the meaning of the Text thus ; he found no place of repentance in his Father Ifaac ; his Father Ifaac had given the bleffing to facob, and would not call it back, though he fought it with tears ; there was no place for Ifaac to recall it any more , though he flied many tears, yet he went without it ; fo that there may be much forrow, and thou may'ft feek the bleffing with many tears , and yet God may be fo turn'd againft thee that there will be no place for repentance, that is, Godwill not call in that that is out againft thee. And of 7udas'tis Paid when he fawChriff was condemn'd, that he repented : 'tis faid he did repent, yet fudas was not pardoned ; fo that you fee plainly, there may be repentance , and yet fin never pardoned : Indeed, true repentance bath e- ver pardongoing along with it ; but the Scripture (peaks of a repentance that may be without pardon ; therefore when thou fay'ft thou repentefl: , youmuff not look upon it fo , be- caufe you repent, therefore your fins are pardoned, as if eve- ry repentance was true ; for thou miftakeft in the work of repentance , thou thinkef this to be repentance to Salva- tion, for thee to be forry at the very heart for thy fins ; cer- ll 2, tainly