Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

GoJ iel Rj?1n ton. 149 lay the foundation of it in a quagmire, or on the fand, as the Scripture (peaks, when ftorms come, the building falls ; I (hall (peak hereafter to Lhofe that build on the Sand but there build on a Qugmire, on a few tears, forrow and trouble of fpirit they have upon the apprehenfion of punifhment of fin : this building will fall in time of ¡traits and danger ; and this is the reafon why people that depend upon forrow never have peace : for huw can I tell the meafure of forrow I am to have before peace be fpoken, and then if they feel not forrow, they are queftioning again : it is a dangerous thing to lay the hopes of pardon of fin upon our own for- rows ; where or how then (hall we lay our hopes ? why, up- on the forrows of Jefus Chrift, there you thall find the fureff ground (there may be fome miftake there too, but for the prefent I íhall not flay on that) we muff. look ten thoufand times more at the forrows of Chrift than at our own forrows ; and therefore when your hearts are troubled, and you look for mercy, depend more ten thoufand times on the forrows of Chrift than on all your own forrows ; for your forrows for fin cannot fatisfie Gods Júftice ; and that that muff be a ground of hope for the pardon of my fin, muff be fomething that muff fatisfie the juftice of God ; for though there be ne- ver fo much forrow, yet it will not fatisfie Gods juftice and confider further,Tri e forrow rather follows the worldof yetii- fication than preceeds it ; as thus, I am not therefore pardoned becaufe I mourn ;but becaufe Iampardoned, therefore I come to mourn : fo Rands the Truth in Divinity in point of juflifica- tion and Repentance : you pervert the order, if you think becaufe you mourn , and are a little forrowful , that there- fore you íhall be pardoned the truth is, if your mourning and forrow be a work of true faving grace you mourn and fórrow becaufe you are juftified ; forrow of true repentance rather flows from pardon, than pardon from it ; when God pardons. fin, he lets out . the graces of his Spirit , and then comes forrow as a fruit or Evidence of Gods pardoning love and Reconciliation ; for though God may give outward -fa- voursto a man that is not pardoned; yet God never gives Ms. Spirit to work any faving grace in the heart tillche is. re- 3