Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

t48 Gold Xemision. tainly thou may'ft be forry at the heart, and yet perifh for all that ; I make noqueftion but Pats was forty at his heart, and wiih'd it had never been done, and if it were to do again, hewould never do it ; there is as much expreft, he repented., and he brought the 3opieces again ; he was not only forrow- ful, but made fatisfa&ion ; he brought the money back again that he hadgot in a wicked way : and therefore if you think this to be true repentance, you are mightily miftaken , but wherein is it that we fail ? It is not for me now to enter on the Dot$rine of true Repenta nce, I am to fpeak of it fo far as to convince tnen,that it is not a ground for hope of pardon offin : Mark ir, when 'tis thus with thee, thou repented be- caufe thou feeft that fin will bring thee into danger :: Now, thou haft had the pleafure or the profit of it , and thou feefl . now it will bring thee into trouble and danger , thou art for- ry that ever thou did'ft it : certainly, if God would be fatis- tied with fuch kind of forrow, he might have enough of it in. Hell ;. for there is yelling and forrow, becaufe of the trou- bles that fin bath brought upon them : to farrow becaufe, of the trouble that our fins bring on us is meetly natural , and flowsfrom nature it Pelf, and far from a faving work of repen- tance ; therefore the repentance many hope to have, What is it ? when we tell them of their fins, they fay, they hope to repent ; What do they mean ? Why ? they would take the pleafure of fin, and when the punifhment comes, they would be forry for it, and repent of it : the ordinary way to put men offfrom this plea , is to tell them How do you know you fhall live, or that, your hearts (hall not be hardned ? but fuppofe you do live, and that you have a heart to do as you fay, yet your repentance may fail you ; if your repentance be no other than that which comes for forrow of fin, . becaufe ofthe punifhrraent, it will fail you : certainly that repentance that muff go for currant in Heaven is of another nature : pof- fibly I may Phew afterwards what is true and fal'fe forrow; but for the prefent I (hall Phew where the miftake lies :. Whofoever therefore that builds their believing of the pardon of their fin meerly on their forrow, and fuch kind of forrow, they are like a man that would, erec`$ .a great Building, anti lay