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151 Go ipe1 kmf stoia. ïlrs fruit of our Miniftry if any thing be reform'd, if Sab-, Laths be better kept, and Duties in tamily fet up, and pri- vate Exercifes of Reliion performed ; that you are not fo proud, paflionate, and froward as before : O that it may be laid dò, "'tis worth our labour to reftrain fn, that God may riot be fo much difhonoured, if there were no more doe but we pretch for further and higher ends, that fouls woUld not flay in reforming ; for Herrrl.heard john Eaptit, and did many things ; and Judi cart away the rnoney,_he repented and would not keep the money, there was a kind of refor- mation in both 1-Herod and yudas.;.but this Is no ground to build upon for pardonof fin ; As thole that dependedon their forrow,for pardon, built on the quagmire;fo thofe that dependon their reformation, build upon the fand ; the one by his forrow and trouble for fin, feems as it were to be in the work of hu- miliation, is like a man that digs deep for a foundation , but does not cart out the old mould, but builds upon it ; the o- ther Teems like one that not only digs deep, but carts out the old rubbifh, and brings in new mould , new earth : lays by and oils away his ;former fins, and does the contrary good ; but now, though they go further than the former in carting out the old rubbifh, and bringing in of new earth , yet after all this is done they build upon it,and do not build upon the Rock Chrift ; they bring in the new earth of their own Per- formances and Duties, and this they build upon, and do nor build upon the Rock Chrift for the pardon of theirfins .and trf :ficationof their fouls before God,and here they fail,and this is their undoing, their miftake in this ; and yet it is moff fare, that every one ofus would miftake in this; if God did not reveal in the Gofpel another way to receive Pardon and juftifcation in his Son , we fhould certainly all of us refs here, andgo no further ; no man or woman in the world, that never heard the Gofpel went further than this,and fo far .one may go without the Gofpel ; we may dig deep, call out the old rubbifh, and bring in new earth, this we may do, and not hear of the Gofpel : And therefore we have a great deal of caufe to biefs God that we may hear the myfteries of the Gofpel opened unto us ; for certainly we fhould elfe go no further,