Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

QoJel Penn on. 145 of God : this laid open to the eye of the foul, by the mighty work of the Spirit of God, raifes and creates faith in the foul ., this is the generation of true laving faith, the faith of Gods Elcíb, as the Scripture fpeaks ; Duties and Perform- ances cannot be the Mother of it ; it is of a higher birth than that birth that arifes out of Parts, Duties, or Performances whatfoever ; thy faith will not inherit , if it be bate born : through faith we come to inherit the Promifes ; and if thy faith bath no other foundation than thy forrows and re- formation thy faith is illegitimate , and not that that fb all inherit ; 'tis not of the right kind that will bring thee unto Salvation : thus you fee what miftakes there may be in this great Point of the Juftification of a Sinner, and in being made bleffed and therefore we had need look to it to be fure , that what we reft upon will hold, left when we come to lay claim, and make challenge of bleffednefs, our hold de- ceive us : Many think the main matters of Religion to be nothing? but believing in Jefus thrift , and crying God mercy : you fee by thefe things that I have fpoken , that there had need be much workings of fpirit in the way of Religion, and mighty ftrong teachings of the Holy Ghoft to lead the foul ; for there may be many miftakes , and to prevent and remove thofe miftakes that lie in the way to get peace with God , 'tis a matter of great con- cernment , and not a flight bufinefs to be donè fud- denly. 3. Others fay, we trnfi in the mercyof God, and in this d am to fpeak,to two forl1. Firf, thofe that are mol grofly ig have norant, that no otlir ground to hope for pardon of fin, but becaufe the s hear that God is a merciful God : Know thus much, that notwi1!,landirig what you hear of God, that he is merciful, and not ril?i^g. that men fhould peril : yet the Scripture reveàis 1,'.;'t`.ßí to us, that notwithftandtng God is gracious and bt ci 3i l , yet the greateft part of the world perifh in ti' here is nothing more clear than this, that tnc?: ear 1-,e worlddo perifh ; .a.. rhere- fore to fay God ; :.1 . not enoug`' you.rray be forry for fin, re ofai; ,; God is mcrc'ht:. ar.d yet X 2 perifh :